Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Strange Sightings

that's right cue the X-files music

1. an old man mowing his lawn is fairly normal you may say but while watching him on his little riding lawn mower he appears to either be: a. drunk or b. asleep as he suddenly runs right into his house, sadly i missed the rest as i was driving by and had to avoid running into something myself.

2. an old women driving along (yup, i'm picking on the old folks) who also as it appears happens to be sleeping at the wheel as well. at least she's in a larger vehicle and may cause less damage to herself.....or not. anyways, when I crossed her path her head was tilted off to one side and her car was veering along with it.

3. have you ever watched people in a large parking lot, say, at a grocery store or mall? i always find this very entertaining. anyways, while observing pps i happend to notice a middle age lady putting away her groceries as any normal person would, only to glance again and realize that it was a man

4. encountered a middle aged man (probably between 50-55 will say) who had a fro. that's right a mofo fro. his head of hair was massive and would put any africian american to shame. i wanted to laugh but i couldn't so i kinda bit my lip and i think he knew that i was muffling a laughing fit at his hair. it was kinda like molely mole from austin powers but worse. anyways, his hair tramatized me, seriousily, it was this wild mass of curly gray hair.....oh the trauma!! i will probably need therapy thanks to him.

5. witnessed a squirrel attack/chase a cat. squirrel was actually bigger than cat so i'm betting that he won (did not stay for the final round)

6. saw a mamma geece and her little family walking along the road, i'm sure someone probably came along and clipped one of them as the cute little bastards would not get off the road.

7. wanted to go back and pick up little duckling as they were so cute and fluffy and yellow and I wanted to keep it for myself as a pet

8. on connell road today a man had his car up on the sidewalk near the golf course with his flashers on not sure if he was broke down, in an accident or what but he was just sitting there as casual as anything with his music and sunglasses on..........very odd

9. it is ACTUALLY warm outside, and the sun is out!!! omg

10. was hanging out my laundry tonight and a huge flying ant flew right down my shirt, i screamed and ripped my shirt off, trying to find this grose disgusting thing that is fluttering around inside my shirt (ekkkkkkk!), I end up flinging it off of me as it was clinging to my tank top (had a zip up hoodie on), proceeded to scream get it off, GET IT OFF!! finally kill the bug and turn around to see hubby rolling on the floor in the kitchen laughing his ass off. what a way to end the day.


Bridget Jones said...

Poor you re the ant, that's the kind of thing I'd do too.

Many moons ago, was driving with now ex-hubby to go play softball. Drove by a house with a fairly rotund man in plaid Bermuda shorts standing, hands on hips, proudly glancing about the neighborhood. Broke into laughter, pointing at the man (car windows were up) and called hubby's attention to the man. At the same time the man caught sight of me pointing at him. He sucked in the stomach and marched right into his house. Died laughing (mean yes but it was funny).

Since then, have noticed various reactions from folks when you laugh and point at them. Most check their zippers, some give you the finger, but trust me, it's funny.

Bridg the meanie

Aila said...

I had a great laugh over the oddities...and I totally concurr on the weirdness lately. City came and undid the fire hydrent in front yard yesterday and let it spew water all over the road for like half an hour yesterday for no reason. I drove through it one way then turned and when the other way to clean my car.