Monday, May 30, 2005

i'm in utter AGONY

let the itching, scratching, sniffling, burning, watering eyes, and headaches begin.

yes my friends it's alergy season, oh what fun.


I have never, never been so miserable in my life. I take my daily dose of alergy medicine and it does not help. I was even so desperate today that I went and purchased Visine to help. nope, instead my eyes are burning even more so (could possibly be experiencing an alergic reaction, but hopefully i'm wrong) and to top off the day i have an extreme sinus headache.

oh what a wonderful monday. ha ha who the hell am i kidding.

on the work side of things. we have a practicum student that started today......she so hates me already as i got the job that she wanted (he he he) and i can feel the hate omitting from her. and you know how you get those first impressions that are usually right well, i just feel that she's trouble and i can't quite put my finger on it but mabye i'm wrong......(will keep you posted).


time for some t.v therapy ie. Entertainment Tonight and Canadian Idol


Jilly said...

Who is she? I'll kick her ass, Also, did you see the MothMan on Andys Blog?

flea said...

(laughing hysterically)

oh boy, who is the mothman?? will have to go to his blog now and see.....why is he funny, weird, what???

Jilly said...

Didn't you see the Mothman Prophecies?

flea said...

yes. it's all coming into place now. i first thought it was some guys blog.....nevermind me