Sunday, May 29, 2005

no more TV

yup i'm a t.v addict, hey at least i admit it.

may i ask where did all the good t.v shows go?? where's desperate housewives, amazing race, lost, american idol, the O.C, CSI, medium.......

i'm completely lost. every good show that i watch is wrapped up for the season and now i have nothing to watch and i'm terribly bored, already.

this shitty ass weather does not help. if it was at least nice outside i might possibly venture out and do other "outdoor" tings, but not now it's cold, dark, dreary and miserable. so i sit in side and rot and pace and sleep and pace some more.

oh soooooo bored

what to do, what to do..................

1 comment:

Jilly said...

If your that bored, you'll have to come and get "My So Called Life" from me and watch them. Soo good. Plus, don't forget about Canadian Idol!!