Friday, May 27, 2005

on my travels to work

On my way to and from work i encountered:

1 Baby moose
torrential rain & wind (well mabye not that extreme but pretty close)
100,000 pot holes (can't the government fix these?)
road rage
getting stuck behind not one, not two but THREE slow drivers!
more road rage
squeaky wipers
2 people who flipped me the bird as one of my front blinkers is burnt out, i just wave and smile.....he he he
sing along with a song on the radio
bitch at my car who i swear is possesed as my radio will come in and out and i was just in the middle of singing a fab tune......
bitch some more at piece of shit car......really need to get a new one but i'm poor
enjoy the vibrating sensation under my seat that my car recently started doing, it's actually rather pleasant
more bitching about car
almost run off of the road while watching something else.....can't remember what now
1 squirrel
more pot holes
some more rain
finally back home.....ahhh....and it's FRIDAY!!!

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