Sunday, May 01, 2005

A day in the Marne

I live in a quaint little suberb (this is what I have been calling it) of Canterbury (just 5 minutes out) called Marne. What kind of name is that you may ask, good frickin question as I do not know myself. Anyways I am sitting her today home alone as hubby is away taking first aid training for work and i'm sitting her half playing on the computer but mostly I am watching (actually spying would be a better word) on my strange/bizarre neighbors.

Now the Marne probably has about 10-15 houses total in all but their is a cluster of houses (mine included) that sit on a stretch of road that joins and connects with another road and this is where all the action occurs. Most of the action streams from the Diddler house as they come and go quite frequently. But the funniest one that I like to watch is Donnie Woody who is actually an in-law to the diddlers. Donnie or as my hubby and i like to call him "the woodmiester" is an alcoholic and he is constantly on the go walking down the tracks or like today he is getting on and off of his bicycle just around amusing himself. This torments the hell out of my dogs and thus annoys and pisses me off, if only I could let them loose out of their electric fence zone......he he that would be a site to see him run! oh i'm evil.

Other traits of the Marne are the two white dogs down the road that roam and torment myself and my two dogs. These dogs chase cars, wheelers, deer etc. They piss and shit in my door yard and I know this is really cruel but if I could shoot a gun I would kill them. I HATE these mofo dogs. The wurst part is that I have not only called the dog catcher once but we have also contacted the home owner several times on this and yet they still run around pissing everyone else off. grrrrrrrr one of these days i am just gonna snap and run over them with my own damn car and be all like whoops guess you should keep your dogs at home like any other person would.

There are four wheelers and dirt bikes glaore, dogs barking, chickens clucking, owls hooting, etc etc etc. you can hear every frickin thing here. v annoying as i don't want everyone (espically the diddlers) knowing my business. Some days you can even hear things happening in Canterbury which isn't that far away but just shows how much sounds carry.

onto other things, i'm running our of steam on that topic. Today is my hubby's B-day, I am baking him supper and I even made a cake (for the first time) all I can say is thank god for betty crocker! cause there is no way in hell i could do it from scratch. not even sure if this will be good or not but it will do. His grandma would usually bake his cakes for him so it's sad to think that she is not here any more to do it.

so the weekend is almost over, a new week begins tommorrow let's hope it brings some better/brighter possibilities than last week.

Happy Birthday Baby ~ I love ya and 29 is a great number


krazykaper said...

your n-ighbors soun- lik- my family! LOL

Aila said...

Your home town sounds vaguely like many other little home towns spread out all over the maritimes. I think I know the exact duplicate of your neighbours.

Also, enjoy 29, it's all downhill from there.