Thursday, April 28, 2005


i honestly do not know what to write about here, i feel like i have lost my blogger zing or i'm just plain having writer's block. who knows, but i can't stand not having a recent post on here and i'm always up for a good vent or bitch fest. but i have nothing today i'm just here going thru all the motions of my day to day life. scary.

i have several topics that i would eventually like to write about ie. embarssing moments from my life and other's that i have witnesed or incountered but i'm just to damn lazy to write about it today. in fact i have been lazy now for over a week as my job is none productive therefore i am non-productive at home and with my personal life. sigh.

we are now able to read a magazine or book at work but we had to promise that when it gets busy again that we will put them away and focus on our work. what are we in kindergarden?? seriousily this is the weirdest/strangest place ever. anyways i am now all caught up on the celeb world as i have read several issues of In Touch, Star, People, Glamour and i am also a wiz at Search a Word puzzles i am even debating on entering some sort of contest or something i am that damn good. ha ha

ok, tired now spent way to much engery here. time to move on and catch up on other blogs & sites.

oh and before i forget, how the heck is Scott Savol still in AI? am i the only one that thinks this guy sucks???? pls tell me i am not alone.

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krazykaper said...

I hate it when I get a case of Writer's Block!