Friday, April 15, 2005

It's Friday i'm in love

i've never been happier to see a friday come in my life.

reason number one:

it's my first offical pay check from my new job and i could not be any happier to see that money in my account. about damn time. going 3 weeks without a pay check is brutal and downright cruel i might add. so happy to have money again and to be able to pay bills and credit cards ~big sigh of relief~ now only 2 more weeks to go before hubby gets back at work and then will really be rollin in the dough.....he he he (laughing evily right now). oh i can't wait to go shopping.

reson number two:

the weather is finally, FINALLY starting to look good again and i think it is supposed to be a very warm weekend in our neck of the woods. i sure as hell hope so as their is a 4 wheeler ralley/poker rally tommorrow and i really want to go, drink some beer get muddy and wet and just lighten the hell up and have some fun.

reason number three:

this past week at work has been really frustrating and brutal on me mentally and emotionally. i finally cracked yesterday and wen't to my supervisor to let her know that i am this close to quitting and is there any possible way that i could do something else. unfortunately there isn't anything at this time but they let me know that our next project is incoming calls which hopefully will not be so bad. i'm going to try, try i my best to stick it out but honestly i have been thru the ringer and i don't know how much more i can take. i'm just gonna take it a day at a time and try not to wig out over little things.

so it's friday and what day of the week is any better than that (except mabye saturday). enjoy what is left of it my friends. i know i sure as hell am.

see ya later suckers!!!!!

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