Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"T" Rif

some may ask wtf? but for me i hear this expression on a daily basis and now it is implemented in my demented brain. what it means you may ask, well a girl at work has a habit or i should say tendancy to say "terrific". to some this may just seem like any plain odinary word, but no, uh huh no way. this girl has made me hate and loathe this word. just the way she says it and unfortunately words cannot possibly describe too you fellow readers but it drives me BATTY. no wonder i'm fucked up. for example when we she places a call and she cannot get thru to anyone or she is being "blocked" by reception she will state that's TERRIFIC in a high pitched almost Barbie like voice (shudders). most girls at work find this v. funny but not me. sometimes she gets past 3 t-rifs in one conversation and by then i am starting to twitch/spaze in my little cubicle when she says this. is this normal? i think i'm losing my mind........yet again.

onto other thing. i'm thinking of changing my screen name to an old name that i had years, and years ago when i used to frequent chat rooms. some may recall (espically jill and andy) this name and it has a kinda cool meaning to it for me. v.lame i may add but i like it (you can note it or not note it on the side....). anyways the whole meaning of this name for me started when Boogie Nights came out (think it was in 98 or 99 and i just love the 70's and Mark Walburg was in it and who doesn't think he's a piece of ASS) anyways off topic as usual. Heather Graham is in this flic and lo and behold that is or was my madien name and Heather played "rollergirl" in the movie and i liked the name and yeah, so i'm going back to it and will see if pps like it or not. really who the hell cares, except me i guess but i wanted to explain the name change (again).

yet another topic tonight is the American Idol compeition been a long time since i did my predictions. but i'll give her a go. America you are fucked up you should have voted Scott, Antwar and Anthony out wks ago, i seriousily cannot stand these 3 and they irritate the hell out of me. the mute button usually goes on. and what the hell is up with Scott's new cocky attitude? man you suck and you need to go buh bye. i hope he goes but he won't cause you guys vote wrong. i personally love Nadia and think she's v.cool and can sing & she dresses fab, but you will probably send her ass home tommorrow so yeah. that's my take on that shit. the rest of them are all ok but i personally don't give a fuck anymore as none of them have overally impressed me thus far. my unfortunte pick to go home is Nadia, as i usually agree with Simon. the man is always right.

time for bed ~ v. late and getting sleepy. i'm out


chloegeorge said...

Hey sis. I for one loved when you were into the whole '70s hippie chic thing so I think that rollergirl is cool. Call yourself whatever the hell you want - those of us who love you don't care!!! Still not used to your last name not being the same as mine but that's my prob not yours. Sigh. I really like Nadia on American Idol too but man did she pick some sucky songs to sing but she sure looked fab. Love ya.

Aila said...

I hear ya on the three people you mentioned from American Idol. The bad ones need to go. They annoy the hell out of, especially the big guy that wears the sunglasses all the time and looks like he's scowling on top of it, like he's hot shit and he sooo is not....