Saturday, April 09, 2005

I'm so Happy

yippee skippy i finally have my computer back and running at home!!


i can blog all i want now, except that their is this weird script thing that pops up every 5 seconds til now saying that their is an error in the pg do you want to continue andy, HELP me! need to know what to do to fix this.....only does it on this page.....sigh

can never have it easy can i?

well it's Saturday and i wanted nothing more than to go wheelin this weekend and my hubby takes off with the boys and leaves me to sit at home. yeah nice huh. so i've been sitting on my ass eating, although i did walk any hour ago with the dogs but ya know i'm just "L" today (those who do not know, L = lazy).

the weather is fab today, it's finally SPRING hip hip horay! the wicked witch of winter is gone (let's hope so anyways).

well not much else to talk about for now. should go and surf and catch up with everyone's blog.

i'm out.

1 comment:

Aila said...

I get that same run-time error. Exept that it only shows up once when I first boot up. I just say "yes, close this window" that it's trying to run. It's annoying but doesn't seem to affect anything else. Of course if it pops up all the time, you might want someone to look at it.