Saturday, May 28, 2005

Saturday Night

da da da dum de de da da da dum

be my baby...............................

just an old tune for my lonely self on a saturday night. i always used to so look forward to saturday's, going out, partying, havin a great time. now. nothing. all alone, feeling ill and my hubby has left me all alone. sob.

just kidding, i'm actually kinda grateful for the time alone. work has been so busy and crazy that i don't have time to think and unwind. so going to do that tonight. a little surfing on the net and some blogging and a nice hot, soothing bath. it's all about me tonight. yup, sounds like fun.......well mabye part of me would like to go out with the girls but i honestly could use the peace and quiet tonight.

besides that nothin else new. weather is still shity and cold. my allergies have been killing me and the black flies are out and wild once again.

i'm out

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