Sunday, May 08, 2005

Betcha wouldn't guess that

I have a NEW job. yup, i'm finally free of the call centre and it couldn't be better timing as i'm sure we would have been starting outbound calls again and i would have quit fer sure. so i am now a legal assistant. yup, into the "virtual unknown" for me. definete learning curve dead ahead but i am up for the challenge.

i'm 24 years old an i have serious acne problems not on my face but on my neck and back. so ewww and uck and i don't know what is causing it. mabye my new fab body lotion that smells like Mexico in a bottle? mabye i'm over doing it? could be, but i'm in major zit mode right now and I can't stop picking at them.

i finally broke down and purchased myself some crest whitestripes. so uber excited and I have almost a week in already and i think they are definetely whiter! can't wait for the end results, will keep you posted.

I had a serious crush on Constaine from American Idol and i'm really missing his prescence on the show. I know he was really into him self and he pouted and all but man did he ever turn me on.

i'm dying in anticipation for the Amazing Race finale on Tuesday night. Will Rob and Amber pull out a win on this as well or will Uchena and Joyce sneak in from behind to win. The wait is killing me.

i'm now on a mission to lose at least 10 pounds before full fledged summer hits (bathing suit season). no more french fries, no more eating out, none. i'm actually half considering becoming anexoric but i don't think I could go an hour let alone all day without eating. but i am going to make cut backs BIG TIME. feeling really fat and fugly lately and definetely need to change that. will keep you updated on progress good or bad.

wen't shopping with jilly and her mom and her sister in-law Erin on Saturday in the big city of Fredericton. was major fun and I got to purchase new fab shoes/sandals. loves it & could have bought several more pairs but i restrained myself. did really well i might add as i only bought my shoes and a mat for the house and a really cool decoration. mabye next time i will go all out on clothes.

i love sandal season but i hate how i have these certain pair of sandlas that make my feet sweat really, really bad and i know that other pps can smell them too. really embarassing.

i'm paranoid to pee at my new office as it is a smaller office and their is only the one bathroom that we all have to share and i hate the thought of other pps being able to hear me pee. the other day i finally had to cave as i just could not hold it any longer and honestly once i had done it i didn't really care (well part of me still does but everyone has to pee). just praying to the one above that i never, ever have to do number two. cause i would DIE.

I used to love Ty Pennington from Trading Spaces but now when I watch him on ABC with his new show (can't think of the name) I really cannot stand him. He is overly loud and out there and he's just not as cute or something. Does anyone else feel this way??

I recently located this birth mark on the back of my head right around my hair line, I honestly thought I had come down with some rare disease until my mom looked at it and was all like it's just a birth mark and don't scratch it. but now since she has said that it's always itchy and i can't stoop scratching it!

I think all that my weight that i have put on has gone to my boobs. they have never been this big ever (i'm a small B) but now they are definetely a bigger B. i want my smaller ones back. which is weird as everyone always wants bigger boobs but now i don't. strange.

and finally my secret wish to win the lottery is still in place so big guy up above pls do something for me soon -k-.

i'm out


krazykaper said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of a Legal Secretary. If you need any help or have any questions, let me know...i'll do my best to help. What kind of law is practised at your firm?

Aila said...

I only have a couple words of wisdom to impart on to you.

First: smelly feet can be averted by using deoderant on your feet. You might want to consider getting a separate on from the one you use on your pits. take note here: deoderant, NOT antipersperant.

Second: I have always found that running the water while peeing is a good sound buffer. Usually the sink is closer to the door and the sound of water running will hide the sound of pee falling.

Good luck!

krazykaper said...

Aila is always so full of wisdom...only because she speaks from experience most of the time. Would love to know the reason behind not using Antipersperant.