Monday, May 16, 2005

the Zit

everytimg I experience PMS I break out in some form or other of zits, but my latest zit takes the cake. it's in my nose.

yup, you heard me right, in my nose.

it's right there on the underside tip of the inside of my nose. at first I thought it might have just been a hard booger that formed there over night but no I was sadly mistaken.

so as the day progress i cannot (typical me) stop picking at this zit, hence everytime pps looked at me it looked as if I was picking my nose. lovely. great impression to make on my new boss. not only is that bad enought but I think that other pps can see this whitish bump (i'm seriousily paranoid and have issues, i know) so i'm trying to best hide my nose as possible. i did lots of fake nose rubbing anytime someone caught me trying to pick at it, lot's of fake blowing of my nose, lot's of hand over mouth & nose while pondering something complicated and perplexing on the computer screen (this is mostly what I did all day).

so once i'm home i head straight for the bathroom to try to squeeze this stupid bugger of a zit and it's so hard to get at the inside of my nose that i cannot possibly squeeze it. mabye i'll try it at this angle, no, mabye now i'll umm.....nope....uh....ahh..........umm nope, and now i think it's swollen and even redder than before and my nose is really throbbing and i sort of resemble rudolph. great. now not only did i have a wee little white bump, i've got a bigger redder one to deal with.

god i hate PMS

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