Thursday, October 12, 2006


holy god i've suffered several pound your head against the key board moments today, and on top of my supeberb wonderful day i'm getting a headache and a real dousey of one too by the feel of it

work is well frustrating, espically when nobody will train me or tell me what i should be doing. i've asked my "supervisor" like 4 times for stuff to do and nothing. i should almost feel a bit hurt as it seems like he's ignoring me but i know he is extremely busy i just don't know why he won't let me in to help, as that is at least what i thought i was supposed to do

fat bastard in the office next to me is another one of my irritance (is that even a word, hell i don't care i just made it one), he's overly loud and way to fucking friendly for my liking

not only that buy i'm dieting and what does someone bring into the office a fucking cake, fuckers, and it's a marble cake with real "butter" frosting. like this stuff is to.die.for. honestly. i've had not one but 2 pieces today, talk about restraint

speaking of my said diet, which isn't going so well i was able to do one of my workout video's last night, so that's one good thing right? i should make it 2 in a row, but with this pounding headache i think it's a no go

dare i say it i'm somewhat disappointed in LOST, seems sort of slow and yet i'm still dying for next weeks show. for instance why haven't they shown anyone back at the beach? what the hell happend to Locke, Desmond and Charlie and Eko? and how the hell do they know so much about everyone on the plane. it's just plain weird

what is wrong with people that they are still voting for Sarah Evans on DWS (dancing w/the Stars), shes the wurst dancer there and it's a crying shame that Willa was sent home when she was a much better dancer

it's raining here today a cold, cold bitter rain with "gusty" winds, which is so fucking depressing and blah, no wonder my head hurts

hubby lost an expensive watch that i think i bought for his b-day a year or so ago, like a fancy "woodsworker" watch that was waterproof, had a compass and everything, this thing was not cheap, and because he can't go without had to purchase another one on ebay, thankfully somewhat cheaper but still, as per my previous post we are poor and in debt and totally do not need any extra expenses. so frustrating.

and to top it all off this stuff about North Korea is truly bothering & upsetting me, i have a gut feeling that this is not a good thing, and we have yet to see or hear the last of this issue. i can totally see them teaming up with the taliban and Al Quida or whomever to attack the U.S., not cool and my anxiety and panic steps up a notch and i just want to scream at the top of my lungs that were all going to die, and the world is going to end!!!

really though, all these nuclear weapons that are out there floating around scare the shit out of me

thank god it's almost quitting time!

time to go home, eat supper and de-stress


Molicious said...

I had started a diet about two weeks ago. The first day I'm on the damn thing what does my boss do? He buys one of those GIGANTIC bags of Halloween candy. I knew right then that I was totally screwed. At this rate I'll have to wait til after all of the holidays to diet again. Fantastic huh?

Wandering Coyote said...

"Irritants" is definitely a word, and I think the one you were looking for.

I was disappointed in Lost last night, too. Very slow and not much forward movement in the plot. I'm still hooked though.

flea said...

molicious - why, why do our co-workers do this to us!? damn them all to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol, ok mabye not but still.....

wc - sweet! i'm so not the intellectual sort, thanks for clarifying that for me, and i'm still hooked on LOST too, i'm a fan for life, unless they kill Sawyer off, then i'm not so sure, i think someone's totally going to die though, i have this feeling...

luckysevn said...

How 'bout that kiss Sawyer gave Kate, though??? That at least made it worth it!!! And from the previews of next weeks show it sounds like the "monster" is back!!! I'm still hooked... Hopefully one day they'll actually tell us who the Others are and why "Ben" has lived on the Island his whole life...

You HAVE to start watching Heroes!!! It's as awesome as Lost was in the beginning!!!

C'mon!!! Watch it!!!

Blazer1234 said...

OMG...Lost is really making me mad, too! I try to stop watching, but I get sucked back in every time.

Oh, and I have the same feelings about N. Korea.

Sadie Lou said...

Oh my gosh. Do not ever talk about North Korea again. I'm choosing to ignore it for now. Too dang scary to think about.
I wrote you a LOST comment on your LOST post.

Miss 1999 said...

Girl, diet is one of those 4 letter words- don't even do it! I've lost over 100lbs, and don't diet. There's NOTHING I don't eat- it's how much I eat of it :0) Take care of yourself- have a great weekend :0) *Hugs*

Nancy Drew said...

Head might be aching because of the weather...

Have a lovely weekend and spoil yourself silly, Flea. Don'tcha hate it when co-irkers do things like that?

Oh well. Eating is something you do every day for the rest of your life. A slip up is just a slip up.


Wandering Coyote said...

If they kill Sawyer or Jack off I'll be seriously peeved.