Monday, July 31, 2006

teensy weensy little white lies

were all bound to tell one every now and then, but i find myself doing it quite a lot lately

for example:

my boss likes things perfect and when he asks you to do something you jump and then bitch about it later. now normally i'm not an ass kisser but with him i do as he says and just deal with it. so the other day i had to run out and do some errands and he asked me to pick him up his lunch and a pop (at two different locations) and perhaps if i had some of his money left over to get him a piece of pie. well i got the sandwhich and the pop (soda for you yankees) and while in line for the pop, looked over to the side where the restaurant is (this is a convenience store/restaurant in one) and just decided to hell with the pie, it's bloody hot and i have no AC in my car and my face is all red and i really don't give a rats ass if he has his pie or not so i'll just say that there was a really, really, really long line up at the cash register and that was that i turned around and left and what do you know my lil white lie worked! he didn't know any different! brillant!!!

another example is when a friend or fellow co-worker gets a new do, aka "hair do", you all know what i'm talking about and in fact this has me doubting my latest "do" but that's a story and possibly picture for another day.....anyhoo this girl at my office about a month ago got her hair cut, styled and colored, not her normal hair color i might add she put blue streaks in her red hair. like who the hell does that? a 12 year old? anyway, i was so like "omg your hair looks so wicked! when really in my head i'm screaming "OMFG who the hell puts blue, BLUE streaks in their hair! how hideous!!!" all the while with a perfectly straight face

or telling evil brillo head girl downstairs that her skirt is super cute and sooo flattering to her figure, when really you can see thru it and the big pink flowers on it look like gigantic heads and can barely stand to look at her with a straight face, let alone give her a compliment, sigh i'm such a bitch but honestly i just can't help it

some other brief examples are when people ask me if i saw something i totally lie and say i have or sometimes i have even blamed things that i have done wrong on evil brillo head girl downstairs, although i'm not really working with her now so i guess that's out, which so sux's


i'm totally out of steam now and it's wicked nice out here and i think i may just take my two hound dogs for a W A L K, imagine me exercising! better get to it before the energy leaves me

peace out biatches!


mcBlogger said...

haha that's great! I had pink streaks put in my hair a couple years ago. My co-workers had no problems being totally honest with me..."Uhh Aila, what the hell did you do to your hair?"

I tell my mom little white lies all the time. Not cuz I want to lie to her but more to save myself grief in having to deal with her insessant worry that drives me crazy. I simply wont tell her I plan to jump out of an airplane. I'll say, umm mom, I'm going to the movies, I'll call ya later. it's for the best.

flea said...

ha! i'm not alone, i knew i wasn't! i don't feel as evil now, knowing this and i do it way, way to much it's sort of a safety blanket for me, of sorts.....ah well you do what u gotta do

oh and blue streak girl is so putting pink in her hair next time, not sure if this will be better or worse.....

Sadie Lou said...

You're so funny.
I think everyone does this from time to time. I know I do. The little lie you told about the pie is totally understandable. The thing with compliments is not so much a "lie" but a courtesey. What would happen to us if we were brutally honest all the time?
"Your hair makes you look like you're trying too hard to be cool."

"That skirt is the ugliest thing I've ever seen!"

Who would pay any attention to us?
You're just being nice and there's nothing wrong with that....

flea said...

awww saide's you always see the good in things, while i see the bad, your my ying, the "white" good power (i think) i so should've looked that up....anyways you get my point