Monday, July 03, 2006

as promised

here are a few (the best) pics from my recent trip to T. Dot (aka Toronto)

these first few ones are from the beautiful Toronto Zoo

you know i just can never resist getting on these sort of things.......i believe this one is a rhino, and i'm sporting some sexy sweet ass hair that was soaked with sweat as it was like well over 30+ degrees out

my favorite animal and the king of the jungle the lions (and my zodiac sign) truly stunning and magnificent

thought this one was so cute! a mama gorilla and her baby which jumped on her back as they went into there feeding area

on the day that we were there the hippo was about the only animal that was awake and putting on a show he was really splashing and thrashing around and i got this fab shot of him with his mouth wide open

me posing in front of the much music satilite dish. they had all these barricades up for the MMVA's that were on later that night

and then the gates of heaven opened up and there was.....


the bestest, greatest, fantastic store of all. it was like a candy store (only it's makeup) for grown up women only times that by 20. i was speechless and didn't know where to start in here and ended up restraining myself pretty well and only walking away with some Frederick Fekki hair glossing cream and some Hollywood Glow which i still think came to over $60 but like that matters!! so giddy and had such a rush afterwords.

if only i could do that every day

mabye it's a good thing i can't....anyways hope you enjoyed the pics and i hope your all having a fabulous long weekend (mines about over and i'm back to work tomorrow. boo!) but that's how she goes

check ya later!


Barry said...

Great pics. Maybe you can show us one of you clock that the hands dont move (you know the one stuck on 4:45) - wait - NM a photo wont tell the story anyways.

Bridget Jones said...

I love that zoo!!!! Lucky flea!!!!!

flea said...

barry - thanks! i'm not much of a photographer but i think they turned out ok

bridg - it was an awsome, awsome zoo and i would love to go back again sometime when it's not so bloody hot to actually enjoy the animals

Wandering Coyote said...

I am so jealous - I love the Toronto Zoo. Have been there a few times. Glad you had a good time and got some good pics.