Tuesday, June 27, 2006

whatever pops into my head at this moment in time

omg it is only tuesday! this week is taking FOREVER, like seriouisly, it's hard working 5 straight days in a row espically considering that the last two work weeks of mine were only 2/3 days 4 max and it doesn't help matters that i'm wishing my life away for friday as this week is a LONG weekend. yups i have monday off due to Canada day falling on Saturday. a woot woot fits nicely here

i almost just choked on a cracker while trying to answer that "annoying" office phone

you don't believe me about the choking thing do you but really i almost did........in fact i still think it's lodged in my throat somewhere

our local crap-ola of a radio station is currently playing "let's get it started" by the black eyed peas. like hello that was so last year.

i would luv to have my own radio station or better yet be a radio host that must be a fun job, course anything is better than what i'm currently doing.

although i shouldn't really complain because usually the last hour of work (4-5) i do nothing, no really i don't i usually either a)blog (like now) b) pretend to be doing constructive work c) chat on msn to a fellow co-worker or my mommy or d) stare off into space while appearing deep in thought or e) all of the above but usually i just blog or blog surf

i think i've recently become a compulsive eater i just ate half a bag of crackers in 2 minutes. that's so wrong and i just had to hide them in a desk drawer to make myself stop. nice.

it's freezing here in our office today and i'm so thankful i did not shave my legs this morning even though i am wearing capri's and people can see the hair. every 5 seconds i take a chill and it grows another millimeter half an inch whatever but i woudl be so pissed if i just shaved to have it grow back in a day!

i hate to shave, in fact i would start waxing but a) the pain b)$$ and c) the PAIN

total wimp

my dog chased a mentally handicapped man this morning and i spit my cereal out laughing at the site (i know i know i shouldn't be like that but c'mon i just couldn't help it and he's my neighbor so it's OK)

my cute kick ass black sandals which i truly love and feel so HOTT in, kill my feet. i can hardly walk 5 steps now, i think my feet must swell up thru the day or something cause by 5 they really, really hurt

is it wrong for me to pluck my eyebrow's in my car? this seems to be the best lighting and best mirror for me to take at my bushy eyebrows. going to attempt this tonight while the hubby is away and nobody's around to see me look so silly.

did i mention that this weekend is July 1? Canada day = big drunk weekend also means that our local community is holding a dance which gives me the opportunity to dance.

the song "all she wants to do is dance, dance" just ran thru my head. no idea who sings this or what the actual song title is called

i don't think i could possibly chew my nails any shorter yet here they are in my mouth with me chewing on them.....well not at this second as i'm typing but you get my drift

everytime i look at the clock only a few minutes has gone by and i keep telling myself not to look but i still do which is soooo annoying

canadian idol has begun for another season (the debuted the top 11 guys) and honestly i was so bored with it last night i gave up over half way thru the guys performances. the talent seems good but the show is just lacking something. mabye it's the host or the judges i dunno but it sucks BIG TIME compared to the american show. i know they probably have no where near the budget that the U.S. show does but comon you should've fired ben back on the 1st season he's soooo bad! i can't even stand to look at him and he's so akward he makes me want to barf.

omg 15 minutes to burn

well i guess i'm going to go with option c)

check ya later


Anonymous said...

Heather, "all she wants to do is dance" is by Don Henley. Get to work you silly wench. Talk to you later.

flea said...

hey sissy - ha! i knew it! i thought it was him but then i didn't think that it was....ahh well

Jenni said...

Waxing is NOT that bad...and neither is waxing your eyebrows...it's over really fast and it saves the time of sitting in your car plucking them.

Trust me...try it out!

Bridget Jones said...

yay someone (Flea) said it!! DUMP BEN!!!!!

flea said...

jenni - i know i know i've waxed my brows before but i always break out in these annoying rashes/pimples afterwords....so grose! and i was leaning more towards umm shall we say un-mentionable areas which i would luv to get waxed but am terrfied to actually do....

bridg- we should start a committe or petiton or something as he really needs to go!

mcBlogger said...

Canadian Idol does suck this year...It's Ben Mulroony. He should be hosting a childrens show. He'd be way more suited to it.

flea said...

mcblogger - no, sadly, i don't even think he could pull that one off i'm afraid



i think i may need therapy from the bad hair trauma! oh and his fake orange tan that he hasn't quite gotten yet this year but i'm sure he will, it always comes back to haunt me

Barry said...

For the life of me - I am not sure why I am so entertained by your blog! OK, JK for some reason, the way you say things really does entertain me.

That and an hours wages will get you coffee at starbux

flea said...

barry - well i'm glad that someone thinks i'm funny (not too many people do)