Monday, June 26, 2006

H to the izzo

so i'm back from my vacation in Kingston/T. (aka Toronto) and it was fab! mind u i can't really recall all that occured as we were super busy visiting, shopping, viewing the sites, batteling a cold (yes leave it to me to be sick while on vacation!), more shopping, eating, walking, etc, etc that it all flew by in a blur.

a few quick highlights though:

duh! seeing my sissy
the Toronto zoo (pics to follow...although they aren't that great)
laughing until tears streamed down my face at a video that jilly captured of my mom, and we proceeded to watch it over and over and over and laughing harder each time.....
scoping out MuchMusic! finally and we got to see them setting up for the MMVA's so cool!
the Eaton Centre which leads to....
SEPHORA! I died and went to heaven

not so cool highlights:

the fighting, screaming, yelling, crying hissy fits,
and temper tantrums
that each and every one of us threw at some point
getting lost not once but twice in Kingston and having to call my sissy to come get us
almost (this close) to causing an accident in which we all would've DIED on the main freeway to Toronto
almost being held buy gun/knife point by a homeless weirdo.............
well not really but he was really scary and strung out on something and he so could've! you just never know with those homeless pps!!
the heat. omg it was so bloody hot! like it was insane i've never felt anything like it! thank god for country breezes is all i have to say
not going up the CN Tower even though we were RIGHT THERE!
our crappy ass hotel (ahem RAMADA) in downtown Toronto (ahem 300 Jarvis Street) if you are planning on going to Toronto do not, i Repeat DO NOT STAY HERE! was the wurst hotel ever!
stuipd ass outlet centre (cannot recall name, Dairy, me jilly here.....) that was so not an outlet centre! FALSE ADVERTISING! there were only like 3 in the whole GODDAMN MALL!
and the 2 hrs of sleep that i got on the way home
and did i mention i was sick the WHOLE FRIGGIN TIME!
because a stuipd co-worker of mine refused to call in sick and spread all her germs in the office thus infecting me and my hubby

good times, good times


Kleokatra said...

I am sorry that you were sick, that is never fun on a vacation. I have been to toronto when I was much younger. I saw the Phantom of the Opera. That was awesome, but the hotel we stayed in had bugs the size of mice. It was REALLY gross. I hope that you had a ton of fun with your sister.

flea said...

kleo- oh how i envy you! i so, so desperately wanted to see the phantom in Toronto and sadly now it's not there any more :(

oh well!

i had a fab time and i still feel like i'm recouperating even though i've now been home a week

Barry said...


flea said...

barry - ha ha ha sorry guess the negatives out weighed the positives in that one eh!

it was a good time though, really....

no really

Jimmy said...

Well, sounds like a train wreck but I'm glad you made it through! You need a vacation from your vacation! :o)

flea said...

jimmy - ha ha ya i'm up for that!!

mcBlogger said...

Welcome back ! Uhh ya, Jarvis street is kinda the prostitutes area... too bad you were sick, hope the shopping made up for it!

Bridget Jones said...

Flea, sweetie, how could you get lost in Kingston? Even I can't do that!!!

Have been to the CN Tower five times and never went up in it. Afraid of heights.

Sorry you were sick, bet that hurt your sense of being rattled by icky hotel and all...glad you had a good time anyway...and very glad you got to see Sis!!!

flea said...

mcblogger - yeah, we so did not know this lil tib bit of information but we know now! LOL

and yes the shopping did make up for it, dare i say almost too much shopping?!

Bridget Jones said...

p.s. LOVE Toronto zoo!!! Used to go there every weekend when I lived in the area...

flea said...

bridg - you snuck in on me!!!! you lil devil you!!

i don't really know how we managed to get lost it's a very nice/laid out city but trust me if anyone could get lost it would be our "gang"

and yes a good time was had by all despite the "stressfull" moments it just depresses me though as i have to turn around and go back in a month and a half to go to my cousins wedding in august....ugh! such a long, long, LONG drive but i'm sure it will be worth it....and no shopping this time!!!


he he

my fingers were crossed......

Jimmy said...

Wait...which area is the prostitutes area again? ;o)

Kleokatra said...

I was about 13, it was great, but I can understand the frustration of Toronto. Ya'll should visit Reno sometime, they have lots of Operas, and the tickets are not that pricy.

flea said...

jimmy - ha ha ha

(ahem jarvis street....wink wink)

kleo - i so could've went when i was 12 but my mom and aunt didn't want to take my cousin and i along as we were so young. i still resent them for that to this day! and i know this is stupid but it's almost 5 the end of the day but where the heck is Reno??