Friday, July 21, 2006

my "laminated" list

so i'm totally ripping this idea off from Mrs. Bee Otch whom is new to the blogging world so i encourage everyone to pop on over to her link on my side bar and say hello, and no i can't link it from here cause i'm just not that computer smart. moving on

so you may be asking what the heck is a laminated list? well your in luck as you are about to find out, or if your like me and a total t.v. junkie i'm sure you already know where i'm going with this. in case you aren't a t.v. crack whore junkie like me, the laminated list comes from a little old show called Friends. the reasoning behind the list was that the said couple (rachel & ross i do believe) could make up a list of 5 celebs in that they could so have an affair with and the other couldn't be mad about it, as it was on the laminated list.

so just in case (you never, ever know) i ever run into a classified celeb here is my top 5 laminated list. i was oringally only going to post one pic but then i thought to myself why only one when we could double the fun!

#5 (but not really my #5 as i fucked up my order of pictures so he's really #3)

oh, legolas you could take me far, far away off into the elvin forest any day, with just me and you and the squirrels living in our peaceful little forest by a rolling misting river, you could catch our food with your bow and arrows and play the flute by a fire in the evenings.............
sorry i got caught up in my little elvin fantasy there what can i say about Orlando? luv the long blonde hair in this pic, luv the piercing blue eyes (ahem contacts), but more importantly i totally dig the whole "elf" & "one with nature" thing

mind you he also looks extremely hot & steamy in this pic as well, sans blonde hair and blue eyes.

this picture really speaks to me sort of like

i'm going to take you now, ever so slowly as i undress you with my eyes first and then my hands, softly, ever so softly........

WHAT! sorry again getting a litle carried away i'll try to stick with a PG version but seriousily this boy is YUMMY, and sure he may look a little femine sometimes, and sure he's probably smaller/skinner than i am but he's so on my list

#5 (the real one)
Josh Holloway, aka hottie Sawyer on LOST and reason number 115 as to why i love that show is that he's contantly walking around with no shirt on and i totally dig the shoulder length blonde hair (in fact i'm realizing i dig the longer hair more and more often, total turn on, but not fabio long that's just ~shudders~ nasty and wrong on so many levels)

so i'm assuming this pic must be a promo for LOST hence the beach in the back ground, but he looks oh so steamy in that sexy little black shirt

and here's a better close up of just how yummy he really is! and with stuble i might add!

is it hot in here?

and were only getting started

#4 - Justin Timberlake

DAMN! who knew he had all that under there! now that is some fine ass american meat right there! i only wish he would've pulled his pants oh so much lower.......did i just say that out loud? whoops! i think i prefer him with the shaved head look though, it makes him look ruff & tough, although his curly locks are rather sexy too in a more boyish way. either way i wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers and poor brit brit is sure kicking her self in the ass now that she's stuck with k-fed. girl what the hell were you thinking??

# 2 - Bad Boy Johnny Depp
this is one crush that steams way back for me, or at least after i saw Edward Scissorhands

and as the years progress he just gets better and better

who cares that he's married (or lives with) some french chick and has kids! he just screams sex appeal, and once again i prefer him with a tad longer hair style, and the facial hair is another bonus point, oh and the tattoos and the list goes on and on and on

once again the scruffy look, only this time with a bit more of a preppy look going on, which i must say he also pulls of rather well


i could stare into those eyes forever and ever

and lastly numero uno Ryan Gosling

I originally fell in love with Ryan back when he was on a small little Canadian T.V. show called Breaker High in which he literally stole the show, his character was the cute shy guy that never got the girl but yet he was funny, wity and so charasmatic.

i didn't see him again until the movie murder by numbers, and he again blew me away not only with his looks but with his acting as he is truly talented and is going to be huge some day, it's just a matter of time

and then of course he was in a little movie called the Notebook and that just sealed his and mines fates for ever right then and there. HOTT with two t's is all i can say and the chemistry between him and Rachel McAdams was very obivious and hence the reason i'm sure they are together today (lucky girl), with a beard or whithout i would so do nasty things to this guy, or at least in my dreams anyways!

so there's my list, sorry guys i'm sure it wasn't that exciting for you but here's your challenge come up with a list of your own and post it

anyways suckers i'm out, i'll probably be away a few days as i'm training the "new" girl to replace me on the front lines and i begin ~gasp~ my new position probably mid week! scary as hell!

check ya later :P


mcBlogger said...

I so agree with the Johnny Depp, but it goes further back for me. 21 Jump Street. Yup, I'm dating myself here.

Sadie Lou said...


Your number 5 being Orlando is understandable because, yes, he was pretty hot as the "never misses a shot" elf in LOTR but I have to mention he was pretty hot in Pirates of the Carribean too...yeah?

Your number 4 being Sawyer is a big HECK yes. He is very sexy and has those great dimples. I love his character on LOST. A sense of humor is a plus.

No comment on Timberlake--ew. I like the "K-Fed" nickname--busts me up.

Johnny Depp is AMAZING!! I've had a crush on him since 21 Jump Stree6--just like the above mcblogger suggested. I fell madly in love with him after What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

Ryan Gosling was a Mickey Mouse Club Alumni. Did you know that? He was on with Christina for sure--don't remember if he was on with Britney. He's pretty cute--too young for me.
I watched that show religiously.

Here's my list:

5. Jake Gylenhaal (or however you spell it) Have you seen Donnie Darko or Moonlight Mile? He just has that something in his eyes that slays me.

4. Christian Bale--as Batman, he floored all the rest of the guys that tried to play the caped crusader. Michael Keaton was pretty sexy but Bale added that extra "hot mouth" factor.

3. Joaquin Pheonix--He's so unusual and he seems like he would have a really great sense of humor and he's so ultra-talented. I love his eyes. He has a strange body though--

2. Johhny Depp--I don't need to explain.

1. Brad Pitt--always thought he was the most gorgeous man on earth and I always will.

Nancy Drew said...

Agree on JD and OB.....

Nancy Drew said...

p.s. Spread your wings and fly into the new position, lady!! You're MORE than ready to fly......believe it!!

Wandering Coyote said...

Here are my 5 (not in any particular order):

Sean Bean
Russell Crowe
George Stroumboulopoulos
Joaquin Phoenix
Clive Owen

averagedrinker said...

all of these men are so hot. i dream of having sex with orlando bloom and even a videochat with him on webdate*dot*com.

flea said...

so i've been neglective of my site ~ whoops~ ah well i'm here now...

so who left what?

mcblogger - no idea what show that was but i'm assuming it was him in his early days, either way he's so dreamy!

saide lou - hell yeah he was hot in PC! him and johnny both ~ sexual stimulation overload i must say! and of course i knew that ryan was a fellow mouser, i know pretty much everything about him but not in a freaky least i don't think it is....

ND - thanks for your support! you so sweet!

WC - agree with joaquin and clive owen not sure who sean bean is though

averagedrinker - thanks for stopping by and welcome! i have had way to many orlando dreams, and i would so be one of those annoying fans that would pass out if i was to ever see him in person