Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tag ~ Your IT!

as per Nancy Drew's tag here's my take

5 Things always in my purse:
2-lip gloss
4-more lip gloss

5 Things always in my wallet:
1-debit card
2-credit card
3-driver's liscense
4 - wedding picture (aww)
5 - pizza delight coupons

5 Things always in my refrigerator:
2-diet coke
4- eggs

5 Things always in my closet:
1- t-shirts/tank tops
2-pants (casual & dressey)
4- 1 out of style prom dress
5- 1 baby shower gift that i never delivered that is still wrapped.....

5 Things always in my car:
2- CD's
3-napkins (usually from mcdonald's)
4- several empty water bottles
5 - 1 penny (for good luck)

5 (or more) Things always on my desk:
1- wedding picture
2-water bottle
3-kleenax (damn allergies)
5- mounds and mounds of paper

5 people i'm tagging (you are now it!)
Mrs. Bee Otch (aka the Philospher)


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Tell me more about Pizza Delight.

flea said...

lbb - it's canada's version of pizza hutt only better, or mabye it's only in atlantic canada either way it's kick ass pizza!


luckysevn said...

Mmmm... Now I want Pizza.

I, too, have multiple empty water bottles in my car! How does that happen?

Thanks for stoppin' by my site!

Jenni said...

What's with lipgloss? I'm totally addicted to lipgloss.

Aveda has the BEST lipgloss. Amaranth is my fav...give it a try!

Jimmy said...

I'm coming to your house to eat. ;o)

flea said...

luckysevn - ha ha man pizza is so yummy! i have no idea why so many bottles are in my car i just cleaned it the other day and i had like 5! crazy

jenny - ooohh i so have to check out those kinds!

jimmy - come one over to the dark side my friend the door is always open!

Nancy Drew said...

Flea that wedding picture stuff (desk/wallet)is sweet!!!!


Barry said...

Tagged!!! OMG!! And I don't even own a purse! I think I will replace purse with backpack even though I dont always have it or anything.

flea said...

nd - ha ha yeah i guess so i hate being all mushey gushy though

barry - sorry, but i had to tag someone, and i think a backpack will suffice for a "man purse"

mcBlogger said...

Done...despite the fact that I had solemnly vowed not to blog for a few day at least. haha Far too enticing.

Jamie Dawn said...

You didn't say that there's MONEY always in your purse. Hmmmm. You poor thing. I'll lend you some change. :)

Your multiple choice quiz below is hilarious. The Keith Richards one really got me chuckling.
BTW, you don't look even remotely like Keith Richards, thank the good Lord for that!!!!!!

Thanks for visiting my blog.