Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mulitiple Choice

nice huh so classy

take a guess that i am either:

a) the new spokewomen for Captin Morgan Rum ( i hear the acutally have some new yummy coolers out, which would so work for me, anyone that has any contacts with them.....hook me up!)

b) Keith Richards long lost daughter

c) headed for the crazy house as i've gone off my rocker and put on heavy, heavy medications to stop the twitchings and convulsations

d) recently diagnosed with not one but two lazy eyes

e) all of the above

f) none of the above this is just what i look like on a daily basis

you decide!!


scrunch said...

This is AFTER the Captain Morgan Rum...right???

flea said...

scrunch - one would only hope, but sadly nope

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I think the camera's shutter snapped at just the wrong moment. One-tenth of a second later and you would have passed for Christie Brinkley.

Jimmy said...

Hey, at least you were smiling, right? Sounds cheesy...I know...but I'm a big fan of smiles! ;o)

flea said...

lbb - HA HA HA i wish! you are way to kind! and i am no blushing like a school girl

jimmy - awwww! lay the cheese on me i luv's it

flea said...

ok, i'm oviviouisly not awake yet this morning i ment i am now blushing instead of i am no blushing.....geez

mcBlogger said...

Do I ever wish I could see your picture. Might have to make a special trip in search of better internet somewhere.

Sadie Lou said...

Looks like an example of what happens when the photographer forgets to tell you they are snapping the pic!

flea said...

mcblogger - uh oh sorry u can't view it, hope u get it figured out

sadie - ha ha yeah, i really didn't have much warning....or at least that will be my excuse!

Nancy Drew said...