Friday, December 15, 2006

just plain sick

so i've been down and out with a terrible bout of the flu (i will spare you all the traumatic details, and trust me they are traumatic) and today is my first "full day" back at work and i'm freaking exhausted and drained already and it's not even past 10:00 yet.


i guess that's what being out 2 1/2 days in flu hell will do to a person

on the positive side of things i have lost like 8 pounds which i'm sure as soon as my appetite comes back in full force i will put back on in one consumption of sweets, treats and what nots (it is Christmas people) but i'm enjoying being slimmer even if it's only for a few days

other notes, i have been extremely grumpy lately this may be due to my bout of the flu or perhaps i'm just a grinch but i'll be happy, greatful to have this season done and over with, i have several lists in my head that need to be completed yet no idea where to officially start and it stresses me the heck out, thus not making me a happy camper


and also

instead of getting the "christmas cash bonus" that i was oh so ever anticipating this year as i was really hoping to at least pay off one of my evil credit cards, sadly, did not happen. nope. instead i got a $100 gift card to a local grocery store, which by the way i don't even shop at.....anyhoo..... how's that for a slap in the face. totally am not happy about this and not sure if i should break the breach and say something as i don't want to seem ungreatful (when really i am sort of) but frankly i don't think it's fair or right do to give us this without an explanation of some i being wrong here?? i could explain the situation further but frankly i'm sort of tired now and irritated beyond words and yeah. i'm out

happy friday :P


Anonymous said...

Oh, those stupid grocery gift certificates. Better watch out too...they did that for us one year where I use to work, then took taxes for it (it was considered income) out of our next paychecks for it. If that isn't Bah-Hunbug, I don't know is.

flea said...

blazer1234 - really!? wow, double ouch, the f^*%#@! better not, thanks for the heads up though wouldn't surprize me if they bastards....and no i'm not bitter...not at all!!!

Miss 1999 said...

*Sends hugs* I think everyone has been so sick lately, it's a bitch, I'm tellin' ya! As for the gift card, that reminds me of "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation"-- you need to watch it!

Wandering Coyote said...

Hey Flea, just catching up here as I've been away for a while...So sorry to hear you're sick yet again...Man you get sick a lot girl! I hope you feel better soon. I'm not the biggest fan of Christmas myself, too stressful and too many expectations. You'll get through it, though.

Take good care!

Anonymous said...

I actually know of a person who got a pie for a holiday bonus. A freakin' pie.

flea said...

miss 1999 - aww thanks sweetie, i'm feelin much much better this week (finally!), and my so called bonus totally reminded me of the griswalds, thankfully i have stayed mum about it all

wc - glad to see you back and around, hope u are doing better, hang in there!

"said" women - now that is truly sad, i think i would've thrown the pie back at them or something....geesh, what's wrong with pps??

Anonymous said...

I just left a long comment and it disappeared. Ugh. I hate it when that happens.

Anyways, my husband's work has started getting cheaper about their bonuses. Used to come in check form, then moved to Visa gift cards (which weren't so bad because they could be used anywhere) and then lately they've gone to a system where you pick a prize that MAY or MAY NOT be worth the total bonus. Then the item may not get to your for three months. Yea, it's a real joy.

This is exactly why I like working for a very small business. My bonus was given to me in my favorite form: cold hard cash, baby. :o)

Hope you're feeling better!