Thursday, November 02, 2006

tra la la la la

so i had no title, and i really have no pupose of being here today really but i had a minute, and here i be

random muslings/rants

is anyone else having a difficult time adjusting to the time change? like honestly, i am freaking exhausted this week and pulling my sorry ass out of bed every morning is becomming more and more difficult as the week progresses

so far today we have had rain, snow and sunshine, how's that for a fall day?

LOST is still as good as ever, finally glad that the story has picked up some, who the heck was the guy with the eye patch? and what's up with them trying to introduce 2 new pps? hello! i can barely keep up now, let alone to add another two.....although the guy is sorta hot

major drama happening in the work environment, can't really explain, nor do i want to but some major shit is going to fly come tomorrow (thankfully does not involve me)

we are now entering miss flea flea's dreaded least favorite month. blah. how i hate november

lot's of stuff to plan for and do though, like christmas shopping, another chore i dispise

in fact if it wasn't for all this damn left over halloween candy that everyone keeps bringing in, i probably wouldn't be happy, but, due to all the sugar i have consumed i can't stop grinning, last count i have had 5 blow pop's, at least 20-30 mini snickers bars and my stomache now hurts, but do u think i can stop eating candy, hell no!

bugger, i have to get groceries tonight and i totally forgot, man that suxs

anyways, i'm out too tired to write today, just had to get that halloween post outta the way, take care all! :P


Miss 1999 said...

Ugh! I HATE the time change, it's depressing as hell! I feel ya on the work thing. I love my job, but there's shit going down all around me!

Dawn said...

Growing up in SA we never changed our clocks so I have only been doing it for as long as I have not lived there, which is now just over 13 years. Don't you think it proves what a bullshit concept time actually is if it can be altered just because the mystery "they" say so - what's that all about. I don't get the point of it really but I do it otherwise all sorts of shit would go down everywhere. Have a nice weekend! xoxo

flea said...

miss1999 - ya got that right! man it's worse today, to many closed doors and way to much drama, and it all makes me sick to my stomache as i've come to care about these people....sigh v. heavy, heavy shit

dawn - that's v. interesting, you've got me thinking now! i hope to have a good weekend and i hope you & yours do too :0)

Blazer1234 said...

Hope you catch up on some sleep this weekend!

Wandering Coyote said...

Not the biggest fan of the time change, either, though I hate the spring one more.

As for LOST...I think the two new people they've introduced are going to replace other people who are going to get done in, like Eko for instance. There were what - 60 or so castaways? And they've focused mostly on 12-15 from what I can tell, so they're probably just wanting to inject some new blood. What's your take on that black cloud? As for the guy with the eyepatch, I suspect he's just another Other. Do you think this back surgery Jack's conned into is a trap? I do.

Nancy Drew said...

STILL as sleepy as all get-out....but then I'm ancient *wink*

Scottsdale Girl said...

I am hoping the new peeps get KILLED soonly on LOST.
:) HI! *waves*