Tuesday, August 29, 2006

2006 Emmy recap - the "McNasty's"

ah, the 2006 Emmy Awards, did anyone even watch this show cuz i didn't, i didn't even watch the red carpet that's how far off my radar this show is. yes, i'm a t.v. junkie and yes i would probably normally watch at least some of this show, but not this year cause a)none of my shows were nominated, b)Big Brother All Stars was on and c)i didn't care but i do care about fashion oh yes and i do care about making fun of people so here my dear fellow bloggers is my fashion McNasty's from the Emmy red carpet (mind you there were more bad than good and the good dresses are to follow, i do have to work people!)

who better to start off the McNasty list than Miss Joan Collins herself, someone get this women a new "decent" wig and pronto, she must've been aiming for her late 70's early 80's glory days again, and the earrings oh lord! i'm just thankful that this is a head shot only as i can just imagine what the rest of this monstrosity looked like, way to many beads and sequins it almost hurts my eyes to look at this.....time to move along

Ellen Pompeo (prob not spelled right but i'm to preoccupied to google it right now) or "Meredith" to us Grey's fan's, my first "quick" glance of this dress and i liked it a lot but the more i look at it the more i hate it, granted i love the color but she sort of resembles a snake that's ready to strike at any moment and that really can't be a good thing now can it? and what's up with the slicked back hair ~shudders~, hate it! and the fact that she is no bigger than a stick and looks half normal here would mean that anyone of "regular" size would look utterly huge if she were to wear this really doesn't help either. thumbs down, way down, sorry Mere

now i've expressed my dislike for her in the past (at least i think) but usually she looks good or at least her stylists make her look good and she's usually dressed to the nine's, now this dress isn't so different but yet it is. i dig the white, but i'm not digging the pointed V for Valcan Star Trek top and the poufy~ness of the skirt is just well nasty, luv the shoes and the braclet though and even though her dress is crap she still looks amazing so sort of a thumbs down i guess

Sandra Oh another Grey's alumn, they didn't fare to well i'm afraid, i love the color on her it's amazing and i like everything else about this dress except one wee small little thing, the NECKLINE or better yet the RUFFLES! like what the hell and what the hell is up with all that clunky fake ass (although i'm sure it's not) jewelrey around her neck?! and does this girl eat?? i know asian's are usually small/petite women but come on i could spit right through her!


moving on yet again, trying to be quick here as i should be working right now........

oh lord, why did i even put her on here? oh yeah because she's fugly! and she has the fugliest hair EVER! like hello helmet head. she needs to let it go and admit to herself that she is not Audrey Hepburn, sure she played her once in a t.v movie but you do not compare AT ALL! and oh god what a god awful dress that hugs you in all the wrong places and makes you look at least 10 pounds heavier than i'm sure you are. wrong color to many sequins to much everything, i can't believe your gay ass show is still on the air either but that's for another day please, please go away Jennifer Love Hewitt, please!!

Debra, Debra, Debra shame on you, you usually look so stunning and glam, this is just an utter mess. what has happend? i know your show wrapped up and your out of work right now, but comon! and white! everytime someone wears white i instantly think wedding, and sadly with your dress i don't think of a wedding dress i think more along the lines of a wedding cake. i still love your hair though and would probably kill someone to have the same "natural" color, and i really hate to put you here but you so deserve it girl

lastly, the worst dress has to go to Keira Sedwick, star of "the Closer and wife of Kevin Bacon. 1st of all from the head up she looks fab and then as you scroll down ever so slowly you happen to notice this god awful hideous thing that surely must have been a hat from the early 1900's that some vengeful person decided to stick on the front of her dress as payback, this has to be the only reason why it's here. take it away and it would be almost, not quite perfect.

i give props to her hair and makeup pps though her hair looks fab!


mcBlogger said...

AH that's great, wish I could see the pics.

Molicious said...

I'm in agreement with you. I loathed all of those outfits. Ick.

Sadie Lou said...

Kiera looks like the Corpse Bride in that grey dress! I totally agree with you on all your fugly dresses. I wish Jennifer Love Hewitt would just be honest with herself and fess up! She's never gonna bring home the big bucks doing acting--Come on! She was in a movie with Garfield for Pete's sakes.

Wandering Coyote said...

I like Debra Messing's dress. And I have to agree with you about Sandra Oh - she is WAAAAAAY too skinny. But I like her. I just saw Sideways and she was good in it.

Wandering Coyote said...

I just watched Entertainment Tonight (be honoured that I admit this on your blog, my friend!) and they voted Debra Messing best dressed at the Emmys. Just FYI.

Nancy Drew said...

Good title--McNasty's. That sums it up perfectly.

flea said...

mcblogger - sorry, hope you can view it somehow...

molicious - great minds think alike!

sadie lou - i know! i so hate her! i dunno what it is about her, perhaps it's her fake ass hair, her fake ass boobs and oh yeah her fake ass look

WC - sorry, still not digging d. messings dress, it's nice and all but i hate the layers, i try not to watch ET as it annoys the shit out of me, esp mary hart cannot stand her

nd - chanks, i tried to come up with something that would sum it all up in one word

Jimmy said...

I couldn't agree more. None of them were wearing thigh-highs. Such a shame! ;o)