Thursday, August 10, 2006

it's PICTURE time!!!

i just luv sharing pictures so here are a few of our recent trip to P.E.I (aka Prince Edward Island)

here's a pic of our fab campsite:

here's a shot of Cabot Beach:

here's a shot of the sunset from our view from our deep sea fishing boat:
me and my hubby (yes, i actually fished, i'm not just holding the pole for the picture...):

me again....(nicole ritchie eat your heart out! :P) :

me in the car, packed up and ready to leave:

and i had to post a pic from my birthday, this is me opening my gift from my sissy and i almost peed my pants after i opened it (i actually squeeled like a pig) as she had gotten me a collection of Miss Julie Garwoods romance novels that i've been dying to have now for months.....thank god for sister's is all i can say. thanks sissy you really made my b-day!!


Nancy Drew said...

OH SOOOOO Not fair!!!!

First of all, you are gorgeous!!! You're so young looking!!!

Second of all, HE is gorgeous!!!

You're a perfect couple!!!

And the vacay is even gorgeous!!!

And you SOOOOOOOO deserve it!!! And the job!!! And the present!!! And the sweet sis!!!

(((((((((((((hugs))))))))))) and repeat best BD wishes from your pal ND

flea said...

awwwww nd! you made me tear up a little bit with that one!

~sniff sniff~

thanks for all the sweet & kind words, it truly means a lot coming from you :)

Sadie Lou said...

You would be so jealous--my sister has worked in book stores her whole life. I get books for my birthday and Christmas every year--really expensive, hardback delicious books--whatever I want.
Jealous much?

I love that picture of the sunset...the ocean looks creepy though. Ew.
I also think you and your hubby make a cute couple.

Molicious said...

I tried camping once. I didn't mind it much but my husband certainly did. Our idea of "roughing it" has become staying at a hotel with HBO and Sleep Number beds. lol

flea said...

sadie, sadie, sadie you are the luckest girl, ever EVER! so not fair and yes i'm terribly jealous, you must have a serious sick book collection. and yes the atlantic ocean is creepy and full of sea weeds, jelly fish and other grose crap.

molicious - thanks for stoppin by, i wish my hubby would consider that "roughing" it but sadly he's a true "outdoors" men and i'm not so lucky, i don't mind it though, at least most of the time i hated it this year as i was sick, sick with the plague!

Wandering Coyote said...

Love the pics of PEI! Cabot Beach is spectacular. I went to PEI on my honeymoon and loved it. I would so move there if the winters weren't so crappy and there was a better job market.

Glad you got such a wonderful gift for your birthday.

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