Wednesday, August 30, 2006

rant and rave rampage

so i was going to do a follow up post tying in with my emmy mcnasty fashion post and do a flip version of that and show the dresses that i liked but sorry blogger not co-operating and i'm to damn busy at work, and frankly the emmy's sucked so why bother anyways right? i will mention though that i loved Katherine Heigl's dress and she was my fav pic of the night just so you know or care to know

the last time i checked the calendar it still said August am i not right? well, here in my neck of the woods it is freezing, as in like fall weather type of freezing, i've been wearing sweaters and gasp! socks for the past few days. imagine.

and to make matters worse my office is freezing and i have a fat ass fucker beside me who insists to have the air conditionier on as he's hot, and sweating, and frankly he's really quite disgusting and i wish his office wasn't next to mine but when every single person that comes down this hallway and states "brrr" something has to be wrong don't you think? or when the person beside you (me) has not 1 but 2 sweaters on and her little space heater cranked out to the max, then one would think you would lay off the air or better yet not eat that donut that is in the kitchen. fat fucker. grrr

another thing that really ticks me off here at work is the "bathroom" situation. on my wing their is only the one bathroom that myself and two male employees share, and the random person that comes up from downstairs, but mainly us 3, anyways they never, hardly ever put the toilet seat down. this drives me nuts! you can also hear every bloody little sound in their too, or i think they neglect to turn the fan on but i hate hearing them pee, and i hate how their are little drops of piss on the floor. nice. really makes me want to go pee in their, fer sure

have i mentioned that i hate my latest hair style. yeah. the next time i even suggest getting a body perm on here someone please stop me. hate it hate it hate it. and no i'm not posting a pic.

i've been sleeping terrible lately

did i also mention that my replacement that was hired is leaving/done this friday? cha. like now i have to go back out there again at least until they get a replacement. which sucks ass as i really liked her and she was doing so well and yeah back to square one

i keep forgetting that this weekend is a long weekend, wouldn't you think that i would be excited about that. umm guess not, perhaps come friday? god i hope so

one of our hotties at work also has quit/left us :( one less eye candy to look at

my skin (face) has been oily and greasey the last 2wks and i've got zits galore, red blotches everywhere, and i can not stop picking at them. what is wrong with me??

my desk that i ordered like well over a month ago still has not arrived like what the hell

this week/day whatever is going sooo slow must stop looking at the clock......guess i should do something productive either a)work or b)get caught up on everyone's blogs as i haven't been stopping by.......hmmmm will see

peace out :P


luckysevn said...

Ahhh... I love a good rant! And I, too, like you, hate it when fat people insist on keep the AC cranked at minus 20. So ridiculous...

Molicious said...

Sounds like you're having one of those months. I feel your pain on the skin issue though. My face has just gone nuts in the last week. Not cool!

Jenni said...


I'd definately post a sign on the door. Something along the lines of

"Stop peeing on the f'in floor you disgusting fuckers"

That should do it.

tshsmom said...

Send some of that cool weather my way, would you? I LOVE jeans and sweatshirt weather!

Welcome to my world. re the bathroom situation! My hubby and son NEVER totally hit the toilet. There's ALWAYS splatter SOMEWHERE! I have now gone on strike and make them clean the bathrooms. Why should I have to clean up their pissy mess?

Nancy Drew said...

Flea so hear you on office crap. Actually that was the last straw as far as stress went...and is why I'm on holidays now. Can't say that it's anyone's fault except the vague 'management', but was promised an office move once too often that didn't happen and that was that.

But re the being fat and hot...I've been an overheated person since my very skinny teens...used to run around with no coat in Canada's winters all the time (January in Ottawa is no joke). Don't know why...all of us in my family are very warm blooded. Our offices are in the 80s year round (charming) and some moron's turned the electricity off in my cube...has been that way for the past few weeks...

Wandering Coyote said...

It's cold here, too. Got down to 4 last night. Fall comes early to the mountains.

Hope you have a good long weekend, zits and all...