Wednesday, August 23, 2006

vacation recap

just a quick recap of the goings on's whilst i was away on vacation

- several banters/fights/jabs at my mother, which resulted in her sulking and throwing a royal hissy fit but oh how i take such joy setting her off
- to many "silent" minutes to count while sitting 22+ hrs (in total) in a car
- 1 great big hug to my sis upon arrival
- 1st time eating out at Red Lobster and actually trying some fish, don't think it'll become a fav
- 1 nite out with the girls, which turned out to be a major disappointment as every single bar we went to was empty/deserted, but we still had a wicked time
- my new fav purse got peed on by my sister's evil, evil cat Chloe. Chloe your auntie flea is so not impressed with you, luckily though it's a cloth material and it washed out (at least i think so, i may be going around everywhere smelling like cat piss)
- lot's of tears and laughs at cousin lindsey's wedding, was a truly amazing beautiful experience that just felt so right and ment to be, i guess only my family members would understand but it was just one of those moments where your crying but yet your happy wuz awsome
- lot's of truly but gusting moments as i watched my dad dance and parade around the dance floor like never before (i too had a few moments on the floor as well, in particular my cowboy/riding the horse....priceless) good times, good times just wish i would've grabbed the video camera
- a new ultime high/extreme embarassing moment that takes the cake out of all the others i've had, after the wedding i wanted desperately to change out of my dress not only because i was uncomfortable but because some other older wench had on the exact same dress! like so wrong, but that's not the wurst the wurst was when i went to go change i had to get the key from my uncle as most of us all went together in a van, so i get the key and walk to the van which was parked a ways away from the hall/club that we were at. i go to the first silver/grey van i see assuming that it was my uncle dave's van and i put the key in and it doesn't work. hmmm that's funny, so i turn it over and try it the other way...hmm still not working beginning to get frustrated plus did i mention it's raining? didn't think so. anyways i still can't get this damn key to work and now it's wet and i'm really getting annoyed, my feet hurt from my cute little sexy dress shoes and for fuck sakes already why won't the door open, i'm about ready to scream this as i hear a quiet yet angry voice from behind me "what are you doing to my van"? umm what?? who said that? i turn around and i glimpse this small slender little man with grey hair again asking me why i'm trying to get into his van and me being the total stupid ass airhead that i am blurt out the first thing that pops into my head "so that's why the key wouldn't work!" ha ha ha, oh god i want to die! i quickly walk away and guess what, not two cars away is my uncle david's van and it isn't grey, it's like a greenish grey. i want to die. and to make matters worse i see this evil little hobbit of a man back at the wedding reception, and yet again while purchasing a drink at the bar to blur it all away and not only does he smile at me but he has to bring it up, cha thanks like i needed reminder that you thought i was a car theif.......
- found some new styling threads at old navy
- and finished yet another one of my new/used romance novels that my sissy bought me for my b-day

all in all it was a much better vacation than the last time we were out there in June, it wasn't so hectic and rushed and i think it was due to me being more relaxed this time. it was great to see my sissy and spend time with my dad's family, many memories were made and i will cherish them forever

anyways peace out i've got housework, wash and all that good stuff to do :P


Wandering Coyote said...

Are you serious about the fish? You're from the east coast - I can't believe it! I LOVE Red Lobster.

Dry-clean the peed on bag. Cat piss is a sketchy substance...

Jamie Dawn said...

Housework, laundry... don't remind me!!!

I'm sorry the cat peed on your purse. That is really hideous!

I really like Red Lobster's food. My daughter loves those cheese biscuits they serve. She eats about five of them and then isn't hungry for her meal.

flea said...

wc - i'm an "in-lander" maritimer, i don't live on the water, hence my dislike of fish or it just could be that nasty fishy smell

jamie dawn - glad i'm not the only one back logged on the housework! the whole cat thing is grose but she's my sister's baby so i can't be too mad at her it's some sort of tempermental/territorial thing that she does

mcBlogger said...

OMG, your van incident is soo funny..cuz it's happened to me. haha Next car I buy wont be'll be something weird, like chartreuse.

Sadie Lou said...

One word:
use it!
Poor Flea, standing out in the rain getting all frustrated like that for nothing! I promise you, it could have happened to anyone (snigger). Well, almost everyone...

Oh, just could have been me.

Molicious said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Hez, the evil chloe says that you invaded her space and she had to suffer your sleeping in her bed. And, your purse undoubtedly smelled like your animals, meaning that she could not resist the temptation to scent mark your purse with urine. She marks it as hers. Lol. Yes, she is completely and shamelessly evil but I love her and put up with her foolishness (for now). We'll see what happens when Joel comes home. I would like to say that she is as sorry as I am, but we both know she is not. Sorry sis. Please come to visit me again though, she might be on kitty valium by then. love you

scrunch said...

somewhere deep down in their feline little souls, all cats are evil...the rest of the post? I'm still rolling on the floor!

Nancy Drew said...

Love Red Lobster too, also don't like fish unless they hide it with pee ohhh nasty. naughty chloe!!!

What a terrific post!!!!1

Barry said...

Interesting vacation... some 'rules' I think apply here: family member do have hissy fits, cats ARE evil, and Red Lobster is the most over-rated resturaunt ever!

krazykaper said...

My mom's cat did the same thing to me when I went home for a visit...only it wasn't my was my luggage...and everything inside..


Sadie Lou said...

you need to do an Emmys fashion recap, girl!

flea said...

sadie - i'm working on it!!

everyone else i'll comment after :P