Monday, April 30, 2007

wig out

so ummm it just so happens that the hubs birthday is tomorrow, and well i didn't actually forget it or anything but yet i almost have sort of have

i have no cake...

no gift...

or card


and there is no way i'm doing it tonight after work cuz i've had a shitty ass day and am still hungover from partying it up on saturday night..

which means i'll have to get all this stuff tomorrow and then somehow act like i had it already planned, and i somehow doubt that all this will go smoothly as i seem to be somewhat accident prone or i have a case of what I call the "dropsee's"

it all started when that damn alarm wen't off and I did not want to wash my hair, thus, i now have a greasey pony tail. then what to wear, what to wear...jeans, definetely a top....hmm this one's good, oh wait i need to cut out the you can just guess what happend? yup, cut a hole in my new shirt that i have yet to wear....fuck it i'm wearing it anyways....then it's breakfast (milk was spoiled but i used it anyways..), let the dogs in/out and i'm running late but so what....and the day has progressed from there...and oh yeah i forgot it's his Birthday tomorrow!!!!

must remain calm and have a plan, it will all be ok once i have a plan...


Mo said...

And I thought I was having a bad day.

Swishy said...

LOL. Sounds like one of my mornings. Good luck thinking of something! Sex always works :)

Hails said...

i hope it all goes well hun!!

I hate bad days! but hey id be a sick idiot if i did like bad days!


flea said...

mo - hahaha

swishy - haha yup, it worked!!

hails - thanks, it did, glad it's over with

Beth said...

aww...he won't care...just give him some and he'll be happy.

I love that when i come to your blog, I get to hear some great music.