Monday, March 05, 2007

smackin myself in the head

you know i never would've used to admit to myself that i was a procrastinator but this latest "incident" takes the cake, totally, in fact it almost makes me sick to my stomache.....but first i have to go back to the beginning when all this sort of started rolling

just picture it ok

months and months ago (probably more like a year but you get my drift) my dear sweet cousin and her fiance talked about going away to get married, they set a date and i obtained my passport application for both the hubs and i, began filling it out and several weeks later actually had it completed and my mother was going to submit it along with hers. simple right?

well, no

turns out we had some misstakes and needed to make changes. easy enough?

again, no

then comes to find out that they are putting the wedding off for now and i just mentally (and physically) sort of just stored this away and every now and then i would think "oh i should do that".......well i didn't. then after Christmas it became mandatory for all Canadians flying into the States to have a passport and everyone and there damn dog was filing for a passport and again that little voice pipes up "flea u should send yours in" and again i didn't, even when we sort of thought about possibly going away this spring i didn't

finally that little voice ate at me enough to make the changes and send in my application the 2nd week of February by mail (why i didn't do it in person is beyond me...), knowing it would at least be a month + before getting it back but heck at least i finally sent it right


come to find out my mom and dad are jumping in with another cousins (not the same one mentioned above) wedding in Jamaica, freaking Jamaica!!!!!!! which i was cool with and happy for, yeah i would've liked to go but it just wasn't in the cards this time

wrong again

not only are my mom and dad going but now another aunt and the said cousin who was planning on getting married away are also going, kicking that jealousy notch up even higher

and now i'm really hating myself, why, WHY couldn't i have gotten off my ass and done this like months ago??!!!

and to make it worse everyone keeps saying well if only you had your passport!!!!!!!


guess you could say i learned my lesson :(


Wandering Coyote said...

Yeah, it is a good lesson: don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. The passport thing is such a mess, though, isn't it?

Mo said...

Personally I think the passport thing is pretty stupid but for your case I'm going to say it's extremely stupid. Have you tried calling one of your local government people to see if they can be of any assistance?

flea said...

wc - i'd say, more of a headache than anything, and oh yeah i'm an idiot!

mo - i thought of that, just not sure if it would do anything and i have to come to terms that it's my misstake and just deal with it (even though i hate too)

Anonymous said...

Hez, you need to quit being all dramatic about it and have yourself a little reality check (like I did because the family has been telling me the 'if only I'd had my passport, too') and ask yourself if you could A) afford to take the time off of work and B) afford to pay the $1500 it is going to cost to as jealous as I am that they are going somewhere fantastic, I am just as happy for them that they are getting to go 'cause they work hard and deserve it. Plus, I wouldn't be able to afford groceries or my apartment if I went :) Cheer up.
love you, S

Anonymous said...

flea, we would love it if u could come too maybe next year

flea said...

sis - yes, i am at that point now, past my own selfish needs where i'm just happy for them all (this rant helped) and no i couldn't afford to go, nor have the vacation time, so once again your words of wisdom prevail

Beth said...

awwwww...that's a hard lesson to learn too, aint it?

are you sure there's nothing you can do? Jamaica sounds pretty good right now! ;(

Bossy said...

Holy crap, I think we may be long lost cousins..I am the same way..

I moved to another state two eyars ago..I continuded driving with my Michigan liscne, knowing I only had 30 days from the time I moved to get my new liscnce..

well fast forward one plus year and I get pulled over for speeding..the officer tells me I need to gt my lisnce done..

fast forward a few more months after, I am pulled yet again for speeding, this woman officer told me she could empound my car and give me a 700 fine for not compliying..

fast forward 6 months..(present time) and guess who still does not have a Minnesota drivers licnse..

yea, I am a dumb ass.

Blazer1234 said...

Girl, I'm the same way. And this is the second time a mention of applying for a passport has been brought to my attention, which makes me think I better apply for one soon. Not that I'm going out of the states any time soon, but it's better to have it than not!

Hopefully once you get it, you can go and enjoy yourself a nice trip.

Swishy said...

I keep thinking I should get a passport too. That new rule SUCKS!

flea said...

beth - sniffle ~ yes it is, and i almost don't want too as i feel like it's fates way of punishing me for my own stupidness...

bossy - girl you are too funny, why do we do this to ourselves?

blazer - trust me just do it and then you have it!

swishy - this new rule does SUCK ass, and again get one now, trust me