Tuesday, February 27, 2007

can i have a moment please

holy cow, i've been well, sort of hectic and crazy All day today, like what the hell and where did that come from after yesterday's painfully boring day here at the dreaded office. not only am i covering for a fellow co-worker whose on vacation for 2 weeks (in Sunny Florida none the less) and her work is hard complicated stuff and i'm terribly afraid i'll muck it all up and make a complete mess of it......ack! so i'm going to be super busy the next few days which will probably mean a lack of posts here but never fear i'll still lurk and or post when i have a moment

also the hubs is sick. he never, ever gets sick. and when he does get sick it's the freakin end of the world, honestly. whine whine, sniff sniff, cough cough, sigh and guess what i think i'm also coming down with whatever bug he's caught and trying to not dwell or think about it but having a very difficult time with that....happy thoughts, happy thoughts

anyways, i hope to eventually get around to posting my best dressed list hopefully before the end of the week

peace out :P


Beth said...

happy thoughts, happy thoughts....I hope you don't get sick, cuz who would take care of YOU? ;)

kick some butt at work!

flea said...

beth - haha good point, i don't think my dogs would that's for sure! and i hope too kick some butt

Miss 1999 said...

Sorry you've had a boring day at the office! Maybe tomorrow it'll get better! Also, sorry to hear about your husband being sick. A sick man always sucks! Hope he gets to feeling better, soon! *hugs*

Hails said...

hey, i hoep you dont get sick at all. I think im coming down with something but im hoping its nothing.

Men whinge when they get sick. Its a man thing, its like the whole world is ending and they are the last ones alive. Trust me, Robs exactly the same!!

Hope he gets better soon so you can relax instead of reaching for the frypan to knock him out with!!!

Nelly said...

Oh I totally hear that! What is with hub's and the whole "I'm going to die" thing just because they have a frickin sniffle!

In case you missed it...I'm leaving for Florida in 12 hours!

Bossy♥'s YOU said...

i would love a boring day at the office, to me its better then a good day at home..hehe

hope ur hubs gets feelin better..