Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snowy Snow Snow

yup, you guessed it i'm also being hit with this snow storm

now i don't mind snow

at least that is until i actually have to drive home in it.....

which i'm dreading

but it does make for a very cozy romantic V. Day now doesn't it, all bundled up warm and cozy in your home with your loved one......

GAG me

god how i hate valentines day

and i'm married

have nothing else really to report other than i'm looking forward to LOST tonight and mabye eating a chocloate or two.....

peace out :P


Wandering Coyote said...

I just saw on the news the huge storm you're getting. I hope you get home safe.

Blazer1234 said...

With it being snowy and Valentine's Day, it makes me wonder how many babies will be born 9 months from today. Tee-hee...
Stay safe!

flea said...

wc - i did make it home safely, and the roads were nasty, hope everyone else out there takes precautions

blazer1234 - LOL! and hopefully NOT in my case, don't want/need no baby right now in my life but you are probably right..hee! just not in my case thanks to good ole birth control!

Nelly said...

Down with V Day! (And I'm married too!) ha ha!

Jenni said...

I ate too much chocolate yesterday, the one day of the year I allow myself to eat too much chocolate.

Need to rethink that for next year.

Drive Safely!

Beth said...

yay! someone else has snow too! and someone else hates VD! Woot! Woot!!

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope your drive home wasn't too hectic.
I also indulged in some chocoates! I bought them myself.
My hubby forgot it was V-Day and had to rush out to buy me something. I didn't mind that he forgot, because he bought me a nice gift. :)
I am NOT a fan of snow or cold weather.
Luckily, we've only had one very light snow which melted away promptly.
Stay bundled up and warm!!
I won't have a new post up until the weekend. I've been too busy the past few days, and I'm using whatever spare time I have to visit blog buddies.
Stop by JD's this weekend!! That's me, BTW. :)