Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Look OUT! full fledged rant fest ahead

so you know how back at the 1st of January my co-workers and I started a Biggest Loser Challengs (aka BLC), well today was our 44th day or something (our halfway point), and we had to weigh and measure ourselves (yipee) made 10 times worse for me as not only am i severely bloated but i'm sure i'm retaining water like a hippo

in fact i feel like a hippo

and no surprize i'm up 2 freaking pounds

course eating those doritos and frozen yogart over the weekend probably didn't help matters but still.....2 pounds!!!!!


oh and did i mention i'm on the "loser" team, and not the loser in a good sense. my team is seriousily lacking in the MoJO department and just can't seem to be bothered, sure we try to watch what we eat and do some moderate exercises but the other team is really kicking our ass and losing major weight, and me being the team leader should be trying to hold us together but Meh

so now i'm depressed and wanting to eat chocolate or basically whatever i can get my hands on

so ontop of that, i'm cranky and freaking Tired, why am i always so tired?

and i forgot to mention that i have the wurst, Wurst cramps ever, EVER!!

and i'm achey

u know what i blame it on the weather and the time of year, April cannot possibly get here fast enough

also work sucks, just had to stick that in there too

just another super fantastic peachy keen day wouldn't you say?

this week is totally ruined


Mo said...

Sending some Midol enduced lovin' your way, sweetie. ;o)

flea said...

mo - i could so use that right now....that or a big fat chocolate bar which i have been craving ALL DAY! so going to have to cave on this....

Nelly said...

I wish I could say some miracle words of encouragement, but nothing is coming to me...oh wait...I just thought of something that seems to always make me happy...ready??? I'm going to Florida in a WEEK! Oops! Sorry, did I say that outloud?

Swishy said...

I gained THREE pounds! I'm like, WTF? So how did I react? By going to McDonald's for dinner and upsizing the fries. HA!

Seriously, though, water retention can add like five pounds and then it's gone, so don't sweat it.

Anonymous said...

oh im so with you on the retaining fluid like a hippo. We must be related. Im the same and it totally sucks!!

Goodluck with the whole biggest loser thing!

flea said...

nelly - LOL! unfortch you did, and i won't hold it against you...i have a vivid imagination i'll just pretend i'm in flordia...ok that's so not working

swishy - ha! that sounds like something i would do, thankfully though i didn't cave in and buy a chocolate bar, so i am at least greatful for that

hails - ugh, i think god's trying to curse us or something...so not fair, why can't men have to deal with this??

Beth said...

awww...poor flea...my boobs are killing me, so I 'm right behind you.

ya, I tried to lose weight, and actually did lose 8 lbs......but gained back probably 12!

Miss 1999 said...

*sending hugs* PMS Is a bitch, and everything that goes along with it-- enjoy a little bit of chocolate-- if nothing else, it's good for the soul ;0)

flea said...

beth - lol, hey at last i can say that my boobs don't hurt!

miss1999 - i did indulge in some chocolate and i DID feel much better, thankfully i only ate like 2 rows of the bar and made hubby eat the rest