Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Freeplay

yet another Friday (what a long week it has been, even though yesterday was a snow day for me was way to nasty to venture out on the roads for my liking), anyways, here's what i've been listening too lately

Glamorous - by miss Fergie Fergie (i've got the vid on my sidebar)

What goes around come around - Justin Timberlake

Fix You - Coldplay

Icebox - Omarion ft Timberland

Why - Annie Lennox

hope everyone has a steller friday!

peace out :P


Ben O. said...

I've been to 4 blogs this morning and darned if all of them have a list of what they've been listening to lately.

I need to do something like this . . .

Ben O.

flea said...

ben o - oh yeah? and here i thought i was being original....lmao NOT!

Songbird said...

Flea this is so darn cool! How do you get music to play?

I'm such a computers anyway....

Miss 1999 said...

Why- Annie Lennox-- that's one of my FAVORITE songs. It reminds me of the year 1999, good memories *hugs*

flea said...

songbird - actually it wasn't that hard, i surprized myself really....i just clicked the link, found a vid that i liked and then copied and pasted the text..and Voila!

miss1999 - I KNOW! it's one of my fav's too, such an emotional powerful song, luv miss annie lennox