Monday, February 12, 2007

Grammy Fashion Run Down (the Bad)

ah, yet another fab fantastic award show (how many more do we have left?? god i hope not many....)

the 2007 Grammys people!! woot woot

actually it was quite drab and (gasp!) boring! what has happend to this show back when i was a kid (i really mean teenager) this show was the most awsome thing around.....where are the heavy rock bands that are drunk and on stage cursing (GNR can u hear me??), where are the steller live performances? and sadly even the fasion wasn't that appealing to me, in fact i only lasted 3o minutes people and i threw in the towel and wen't to bed. sad. just plain sad.

from what i did see in those 30 minutes, i saw the Police re-unite, was meh, ok to say the least, i saw JT perform and the dixie chicks and that's about it (hubs was manning the remote and flicking back and forth between that and American Choppers...) anyways, i still couldn't help make fun of the sad people who should know better than to leave the house looking like they did...

so here's my pics for the wurst dressed of the evening:

Whoa Nelly!

are you channeling She-Ra here? i really don't get this whole look, and honestly why, WHY is it every time someone takes your pic you have to either pout or make some weird ass facial expression (almost like you have to go #2 if you ask me), trust me it's not sexy

i do somewhat almost like the detailing around your bra and before actually scrolling down further and seeing the remaining tatters of your dress i was thinking hmm not bad and then OMG! this is so nasty beyond words and in fact i can't stand to look at it anymore so i'm moving on

next up is the duffster, or aka Hilary Duff

what the heck has happend to you?

you used to be so cute and bubbly and happy and normal looking, i don't know what the hell you are trying to prove (yes i get that you are growing up and all...but geesh) with this whole rock look you got going on and you hair looks like, well, like you stuck your finger in an electical outlet to be honest and the dress.....ick all i see is shiny and lace and you all know how much i hate, HATE shiny people. that and it also resembles fish scales which cannot possibly be a good thing

on a side not i luv your shoes and the cute little knee bend!


her again, and again and again, can't she go away already?

do you have any idea how much i disslike Carrie Underwood? well if you didn't now ya do!

for a second there i thought i had been re-directed to that lady that makes wax statues for famous pps and has them in a musem....what's her name.....anyways, she looks fake, like wax and not human. i think she's a robot or an alien sent from above just to irritate the beejeebsus out of me. cannot. stand. her.

i'll leave it at that

and her dress looks like shiny puke, shiny grey pukey matter


oh great, another wax figure

hold up, wait a minute!

It's Beyonce!!!

now at first i sort of dug this dress, it's different and unique and more importantly looks really, really expensive

but the more i looked at it (and her shitty ass hair extensions), the more i hated it

one too many folds and buckles if you ask me

but i still really dig the color

and lastly

quite possibly the worst thing i have ever seen in my life, but then again what do you expect from a women that's name is Imogen Heap?

i'm not sure if she's on crack or if someone dared her to go like this, cuz there is no way i would leave my house like this unless it was halloween and even then i'm not so sure......

perhaps she is trying to hypnotize us with her umbrella, or the fugly flower like thingys on her dress

who knows?

i do know this, it's a whole lotta fug


Mo said...

I didn't know you didn't like Carrie Underwood. I think she's an absolute doll. Then again I really didn't watch American Idol when she was on so I'm only catching her now that she sings country.

I agree about how boring it was. It totally figures too. Whenever I don't watch an awards show something outrageous happens, when I do watch it nothing happens.

Wandering Coyote said...

The last one was pretty bad. Are you going to do a post on the good, too?

Nelly said...

How funny that you put Nelly first! Ha ha ha! I just added her newest song to my blog! Love her music, hated that dress! Nice recap...pretty much summed up the night.

Beth said...

I forgot all about the Grammy's being on, so I tuned in late...not impressed. But I thought carrie Underwood did good....sorry!

Sadie Lou said...

Interesting about Carrie Underwood. I think your dislike of her is clouding your usual fashionista knowledge. She looks really pretty!
I agree with all your other picks of course. I don't want the Grammys--they are all the annoyingness of the Oscars but with nobody I even care that much about=boring!

Swishy said...

LOL ... Imogen Heap's got to take my worst. SCARY!

flea said...

mo- hahah i think it's totally from the show, that or her really big white teeth, or the fact that she looks like barbie... could be several things really

WC - probably not, been way to busy at work but some of my fav's were Pink and Christina Aguliera

nelly - i loved that song, but am somewhat sick of it now (think it's from over listening to it for 3 wks straight..) her dress was nasty! she should've known better

beth - yeah, yeah i'm sure she did, still don't like her

sadie - lol, you could be right, but still i wasn't a fan of the dress

swishy - indeed it was

Miss 1999 said...

*Trying to focus* The last picture damaged my eyesight--

You know, I totally spaced and missed the Grammys!!! I wanted to see the Police reunite, how bad does that suck that I missed it :0(

Jamie Dawn said...

Imogen Heap is a disaster!!!