Tuesday, February 07, 2006

knee surgery, money woes and one cat in heat

that about sums up my top priorities of late

priority number 1 - knee surgery

d-day is one day away and no matter how often i tell myself it's a "simple" procedure i just cannot get past the nerves and that something is going to go horribly wrong. i think i'm more scared of being put "under" and being "out of it" more than anything, although most people tell me that this is the best part.....hmmm i will let you know in a few days i guess!

priority number 2 - money woes

oh, what pains money and bills cause me. i'm way to stressed out about this and there really isn't anything else i can do (except mabye start selling some stuff on ebay, which i'm seriousily beginning to consider) to earn extra $$. we just can't seem to get ahead at all like i mean seriousily. where the f@#! does our money go?? i will tell you where it all goes! it goes to pay frickin interest charges on our lines of credits!! grrr and where money is tight we can't put money on them and it's just such a nasty little cycle i could just scream and cry. i'm freaking out and i just can't see the light at the end of the tunnel....oh wait i can if my hubby would just get back to work and raking in the dough but sadly this is probably at least 3 months away. so what can i cut back? i've cut back the cell phone and t.v bills i really don't know what else to do i just thank GOD that we do not have any children right now as the situation would be 10 times worse. deep breaths. breathe in. breath out. i don't even know how much they have docked me yet for missing work. god this is just to much to handle. i've even contemplated on making a "pity me" fund for me i think it would work don't you?? (lmfao) so i need yall to help me come up with a slogan or something, i really think it would work!

priority number 3 - one cat in heat

my poor lil kitty witty is in heat BIG TIME and i have no clue what to do for her.....well that's not entirely true i could do something but i just plain refuse to do it as i'm so repulsed by it but if she continues to howl and cry i just might resort to doing just that (i'll spare you the details but it involves a Q-tip, i'll let your imagination run with that and i'm sure you can't put it together....). really though she hasn't been all that bad just super duper friendly and rubbing against EVERYTHING and the odd ocasional howl or two, and the odd time that she gets into "position" when the dog or fellow cat sniffs her ass. and sadly this is my fault as i'm such a procrastionator that i just kept putting off getting her fixed and again having NO MONEY doesn't really help either. so now were faced with one really, really horny kitty. and it's not really all that funny yet it is at the same time

everything will be alright right......right???


Wandering Coyote said...

I'm stressed about money, too, with student loan payments nearing $400 a month until I'm fruckin' 45! And on EI. And trying to move and find a job. I know exactly how you feel. Financial stuff is awful and when I was married my husband dealt with it mostly and he was stressed, too.

I'm not sure what the solution is. I hope your husband can find work soon - it's hard being the main breadwinner because so much falls on your shoulders, esp. the stress. Doing a budget on an Excel spread sheet might be helpful, as is saving all receipts and bills and tracking expenses. I don't know, though...

Poor kitty. As soon as you get any extra cash, I'd spay her ASAP, and in the meantime I wouldn't let her outside - you don't need a litter right now.

Like you said to me: deep breaths, it'll work itself out.

Bridget Jones said...

Yes everything will be all right hushabye...hushabye...

Am also in it deep but did find that when LOC payments get too high, go to the lending institution and convert it to a loan. YOu'd be amazed at how much cheaper it is. Agree with WC about spaying kitty, and aren't there free spay-neuter clinics every once in a while? Ask your vet what the low cost options are, you'd be amazed at how helpful that they can be. Also, big payment bills like heat, insurance, hydro etc. you can get paid by the month. Again cheaper lower monthly stuff makes things so much easier to take.

WC's right, goood deeeeep breaths in through nose...loooooong breaths out through mouth. Very cleansing....Bridg

Kleokatra said...

Everything will work out. I think finances are the #1 stressor in life. It really helps me to make a list of what is due, what I normally pay, and when it is due. You then have everything at your fingertips, and can look at a calander and plan when and what you are going to pay at any given paycheck. I have gotten so I am not as stressed out, and we wind up having extra money.
They have spay/neuter clinics all over. I don't know if yall have SPCAs, but they spay cats for cheeper, also if you have a Humane Shelter. just some ideas.
The surgery will be fine. lots and lots of people go thru this all the time. Hang in there, and try to relax. Things will get better.

Wandering Coyote said...

Hope your surgery went well, Flea!

Jimmy said...

Well, you have your priorities in-line. Get well darlin'! Small moves...one thing at a time. You'll get there. ;o)