Friday, April 16, 2010

blah, blah blah

I promised myself that I would do better with posting but finding it hard to come up with something that people would want to read or just something at all to write.

I'm sure none of you want to hear about me breast pumping my boobs and feeling like a jersey cow - MOO!

or how I have been peed on (FYI - cheap diapers SUCK and LEAK like a mofo) & puked on

or how I will just randomly babble in baby talk to myself even when miss lily is no where in sight

can you say mommy brain


and i'm also doing things that I swore up and down BEFORE I had a child that I would never do when I became a parent.

case in point: sleeping in the same bed

I watched/heard other people battle with their screaming child (toddler), in fact I think they probably still sleep with them but anyways, I swore I would never do this, that they had their own bed and blah blah blah. well, never say never because it is the simplest, most convenient thing to do and sometimes when you are breastfeeding and severely tired you just can't help dozing off for a few minutes and then next thing you know it's an hour later, your boob is still hanging out and the baby is zonked out cold and your like OMG WHERE THE HELL AM I!? and you wipe off the drool, scoop up the baby put her in her crib and fall back into a dead sleep and faguely remember doing all that the next day. and then other times it is the only, ONLY way they will go to sleep. and then there are other times that its just nice to have a cozy nap together in the afternoon. I am so going to have a screaming toddler aren't I? or am I over thinking all of this??

i'm sure I had more things listed in my head at one time but sadly they have left my one track brain (probably to never return) so I guess I am moving on to other topics.

I am missing Boston Rob BIG time from Survivor, in fact I even shed a tear when he was kicked off. boo. and it's just not the same any more.

YAY! for Glee finally being back on

and yes it is pathetic that my life revolves around t.v. in fact I think that is the only thing keeping me a little sane....

and alas i'm out of words. over and out


Swishy said...

I think it is OK to have them in the bed when they are little babies. My friend said she never did it with her first but with her second, she ALWAYS feeds her in bed and it is worth it because she sleeps so much better. Just don't keep doing it until she's 3 and you should be fine :)

I am DEVASTATED about Boston Rob. It is seriously horrible without him!

Wandering Coyote said...

There are lots of people out there who sleep with the babies in their beds...I don't think it's a problem. In fact, there are whole movements out there devoted to "co-sleeping" or whatever it's called. I know this because I saw it on Dr. Phil! :P

I was glad to see Boston Rob go. Never liked the guy. I was upset that Coach went; the guy was JUST starting to grow on me. Glad Courtney is gone, though.

Bina said...

I slept with all my babies the first few months because of EXACTLY what you described. I could sleep in one spot and NEVER move if the baby was nursing. Once they get older, and sleep through the night or just wake up once, then put them in their own bed. In the mean time, why even bother?