Wednesday, October 27, 2010

no sleepy for me

i've often joked about having insomnia/lack of sleep but for reals I think I am suffering from it. and you know that you are really tired when even just 30 min of sleep feels like 3 hours of sleep.

all jokes aside though i'm getting very little sleep lately. little one has been going to bed later and later the last few weeks so now I put her down to bed at 11 pm, then that leaves me no time to down low and unwind thus i'm up until past midnight/1 am, and some nights little one is up at 4 am (teething, ugh) thankfully she usually goes back to sleep (most times) until 9 am and I doze but that's not a "deep" sleep. god. I can't even remember the last time I had a deep sleep

its just very frustrating as I want so badly to sleep once she is asleep that I just can't is mind boggling. you would think I would just hit the pillow and be out. well, not that easy

why can't things be easy?

in other news i'm so needing to go on a diet but finding it extremely difficult due to a)Halloween candy (which I so didn't even need to buy as we get no kids way out here in the boonies) and b)my severe tiredness aka laziness. and today i'm so freaking bloated I just feel nasty and FAT


did I mention that a tired me = one cranky biatch, well not all the time it comes in waves and you never know when they will hit. my poor husband never knows what he will come home too....

wide awake and I don't know what to do with myself, quiet house = me having to be as quiet as a mouse. I can't take a bath as that would make noise and I really don't want to lay in bed and listen to my husband what does one do to make themselves sleepy. clearly its not being on the computer as that seems to make me more awake/alert. tips advice are needed here i'm desperate people

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