Thursday, November 04, 2010


its November and I can cry if I want too....

ok well i'm not really crying but frig I hate november. so dark, gloomy, rainy and depressing and cold!

boo on you november

and man October was a long month but did it ever just fly by, like blink and it was over....

20 days pps until baby girls birthday! I can't believe it, very surreal to think that 2 years ago she wasn't even a thought in my mind, then a year ago I was not so patiently awaiting her arrival and now she's babbling, teething and standing (with help) and even a few steps!

i'm so going to hate leaving her and changing up my (our) routine but as it is fastly approaching i'm almost sort of glad to be getting back out and about and back to work (very faintly), more on the social level of things I think. actually talking to other people would be nice!

trying to start weaning little one off the boob, some days are better than others and the days where I do cut corner the next day she just wants it a lot. not sure the teething of some new teeth is helping either as its a comfort thing...i'm sad about this as well. who knew that I would enjoy breastfeeding so much? weird. always thought that I would hate it beforehand and its been the best thing for both me and her. sure the first few months were hell but I think I had a bit of PPD going on too on top of the exhaustion and for a bit you feel that's ALL you do but I can't imagine measuring out or preparing formula (I wouldn't even know how to do it, never done it) and i'm glad I don't have to as I suck at math and calculations, measuring and with the lack of sleep my brain isn't at full capacity so in a nutshell I (personally) was much better off. and never had latch problems and lily is a trooper

how did I get talking about boobs and breastfeeding....


i'm sure you all care about that now don't you!

and i'm rambling, time to call it in
over and out :P

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Swishy said...

November is MISERABLE, huh???

I can't believe baby Lily is almost 1!! CRAZY!