Wednesday, November 10, 2010

guilty pleasures

while I should be more focused on many things (like getting ready for school in January, Christmas shopping, finances, etc, etc) I tend to get distracted by little things and while most of my day is spent entertaining a 11 1/2 month old or watching cartoons a girl does need her me time and these are a few of mine

T.V shows:

#1 Dexter - god I love this show and cannot stop watching and wish it wasn't on only once a week. have even resorted to watching it online now so I can see season 5 which has special guest star Julia Stiles! whom I also like from way back when she was in 10 things I hate about you (love that movie)

#2 Vampire Diaries - two words people Ian Somerhalder!!!! freakin hot and he steals the show

#3 Glee - sometimes this show is a bit too much for me so I tune in and out of the vocals but it usually makes me smile, cry and laugh out loud within one episode

#4 Raising Hope - this show has caught me by surprise and only happend on it by chance (its on right after Glee) and let me tell you it is hilarous!! pee your pants funny

#5 The Walking Dead - happend on this by chance as well, read about it online and had to watch it and now i'm hooked. again watching online. think I may start watching most shows this way as I can watch after little one is to bed and its just more convenient or seems to be


#1 Pink - Raise your glasses - great anthem, party song, makes me happy and catchy as hell

#2 Katy Perry - Firework - wow, two songs in a row from Katy Perry that I love (also heart teenage dream still), great message in this song and very moving

#3 Shawn Desman - A night like this - I was going to youtube the vid to here but changed my mind, great dance sequence, catchy, makes me feel like a young school girl again (haha)

#4 Rhianna - only girl in the world - i've had mixed reviews from other people on this one but I have loved it since the first time I heard it and usually pick lily up and dance around with her too it (she loves it too), catchy as hell and cannot get it out of my head once it is there

#5 Enrique Ingelsis ft Nicole was her name from the PCD - heart beat - love the piano in this one and the music vid is pretty cool until they get into the hallway of mirrors. great song

and that's that

in other news i'm a bit down this dreaded 10th day of November due to it being the anniversary of a good friends death. hate this day. cannot believe its been 9 years. sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago (cuz it was) and other times just like yesterday. I can't help but wonder where she would be today, what she would be doing, would we even still be friends? all the what ifs. guess you can't live like that but sometimes you just can't help but wonder....

I miss her

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Beth said...

aww Sweetie,...I know you wrote this post a while ago and Im just now getting to it...sorry. It sucks to miss someone so much. and have all the "what ifs" in your head. I wish I could say it gets easier, but it never really just learn to cope better, that's all.

and I love Rhianna too! I don't think there are very many songs of hers I DONT like!

Dexter...LOVE HIM!!!! You know how much I love a good serial killer....and I love him!

I have watched a little bit one one show of glee...cannot get into it. I've tried..but just cant. What kind of Gay man am I, right? :) But I just can't do the musicals.....

I hope you feel better..and I know that your Baby girl will have a FABULOUS Christmas this year! can't wait to see pics of her and how big she's getting. xoxox