Monday, February 15, 2010


i'm sick of the Olympics already


I am happy that we finally won GOLD @ home

I was mortified and sick to my stomach and angry that CTV showed the footage of the Luger that was killed in that accident. i'm still haunted and sickened by it all. sad. sad. sad

i'm sick of hearing that gay ass stupid "I believe" song (will not get out of my head, who knew two words could be so evil?)

i'm tired of winter, even though compared to last year (snow wise) we have had it pretty easy

i'm glad V day is over for another year, man I hate that holiday

i'm tired of just being well tired

i'm tired of wearing the same clothes and having nothing fit and wishing that 10 pounds would magically disappear from my body

I would also love to have a personal chef prepare my meals

i'm tired of being indecisive

cannot make a decision

i keep flip flopping on the idea of going back to school

do I take the easy option and just improve upon my current skills or take a risk and take an entire different direction?


and i'm driving myself insane

stupid olympics, yeah that's right I blame you


Beth said...

you have a baby brain going on....and I too, HATE v-day...ugh.

flea said...

beth - omg I KNOW! and I don't know how to get my normal brain back (if it was ever normal in the 1st place..) but holy hell I can't remember anything

Wandering Coyote said...

Wow, lots of stuff going on, Flea. You are going to be OK though! Don't worry about weight or school right now! Just be in the moment.