Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Rewind

It's the last and final day of February and yet another month has gone by in baby girls life, and while I would love to say that this month has flown by like January this one seemed to drag on a bit...perhaps due to the non-stop footage of the Olympics (now don't get me wrong I do enjoy watching the Olympics but c'mon already 24/7 is a bit much) and thus resulting in endless mindless days in front of the TV watching speed skating, skiing, bobsledding and whatever else they subjected us to, cuz frankly there was absolutely nothing else on TV

so lets recap February shall we

the 1st week started off well enough my very special auntie (aka 2nd mommy) was home from Alberta for 2 wks so lots of time was spent with her and she even surprised us by flying my sister home for a couple of days, which was awesome. love surprises or un-planned events.

we took our 1st overnight trip with the babies to Moncton for a shopping trip, well, there wasn't much shopping done but at least we made our 1st overnight outing. it was freezing the days that we were down there which sort of hampered things but it was family time together with all my girls.

I haven't been doing my DVD which I spent like $100 on, not sure why other than I can't seem to even find 10 minutes (well it would be 20 you do two together), in those 10 minutes I can do dishes, pick up toys, brush my teeth or get my drift. I have however been doing or taking lots of walks with the hubs & Lily as the weather this month has been super mild and just plain fantastic

we also had another play date with Lily's friends, this time at my house, which was another success. so nice to talk with other moms and to just socialize with people other than the hubs or family

did I mention that I have been watching nothing but the Olympics?

also had Lily's 3 month mark, she's changing and growing so much! spent this day by getting her pictures done by a local friend. was a bit of a challenge as she was tired and a bit fussy but I'm hoping we got a few good shots

and that's about it, it's been a short month but man it feels like that 1st week was a lifetime ago

so now bring on March lets see what you have in store!

over and out! :P


Wandering Coyote said...

Well, happy March! I hope it continues to be nice & spring-like for you all!

Bina said...

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flea said...

wc - so far so good on the weather front..hope it continues too!

bina - will do, sending it today! :)