Tuesday, February 23, 2010

star light, star bright

why does a person chew, and chew her nails until they bleed? like really I know I shouldn't do it but yet when i'm bored, anxious, nervous, worried whatever they are in my mouth

sadly looks like i've passed this trait onto miss lily as she is constantly chewing on her fingers!

why can't I read miss bina's blog anymore? it's asking me for a login and then says I haven't been invited?

same goes for a few other blogs that I used to read

lately I do well to come here though and check the blogs that I love and enjoy (ie. swishy, WC & beth)

I sent off applications for school last week!!


hating my hair ~ again

perhaps I'll just shave my head a la Britney Spears


maybe not

getting Lily's 3 month pictures done tomorrow. i'm nervous and excited about this hoping she co-operates and doesn't scream the whole time....

and that's about all I have - off to catch up with the rest of you

over and out


Swishy said...

School applications! FUN!

(I can't get into Bina's blog either ... I will look into that and let you know!)

flea said...

swishy - well I wouldn't say fun, more like nerve wracking and stressful...and now I wait to see if I get in or not..let the nail chewing begin!!

MJ said...

Hey! Bina went private--if you have her email address, you can email her and ask to be invited. If not, I can let her know you're wanting to join. I found out right after she did it, and luckily had added her as a friend on facebook already.

So nice to meet you! My baby is 2 months old. He's a beast! How old is your little one? Congrats on joining the ranks of the walking dead! Have you gotten any sleep yet? :)

Wandering Coyote said...

I am a nail biter too. And I bite my cuticles, too. I keep my nails very short because A) I work with food and it's not good to have long nails & be a cook & baker and B) it keeps me from biting.