Friday, March 19, 2010

another weekly update

umm nothing really new with me actually but I am setting a goal this year to at least try to post weekly and well it's been a week since my last rant. so here I am again. sadly though it seems like the few blogs that I have been reading haven't been updated, so where is everyone at? on vacay? or just not blogging?

boo on there not being a survivor episode this week, I look forward to my weekly dose of Boston Rob so shame on you CBS

and OMG lost, where to start? I feel like the last few shows have been a tad disappointing, they hype it up so much and then nothing! so next weeks show had better be good

I finally got a new camera so you will probably be bombarded with pictures of my precious one, so don't say I didn't warn you. or I may just not as i'm lazy when I do have a free minute

ah what else...

the weather has remained so far fantabulous for March, in fact it feels more like April and I have to constantly remind myself that indeed it is still March. craziness but I love it!

and I've been walking almost every day and feel a lot better a)knowing that I am at least making an effort to get in shape and b)getting outside in the fresh air

it's amazing how good you feel after

oh and surprize!

my auntie Sharol is home again! woot woot love the last minute, unplanned surprize trips, so she's home for 8 days

and that's a weekly wrap for ya!

over and out


shopgirl said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE, LOVE, LURVE when I get new visitors!!! First off, visiting your blog? Made me so happy - what an AWESOME pic of the beach!!

I get your drift too - I've been blogging for about a year or so now, and when I first started out? Couldn't blog enough... But now? Just don't seem to either a: have anything to say, or b: don't have the desire to will to blog like I once did. It's sad too - b/c I LOVED it - but I too, resolved to try to be a better blogger this year. Hope to see you around more - and I'll be seeing you!

Wandering Coyote said...

I was ticked that there was no Survivor last night, too. I was looking forward to it. CSI was a repeat, as well, which was irritating. Oh well. Next week I think it's on Wednesday, just to let you know. I think there is as lot of hype and not much action, too. I thought this would be a really good season, with all these veteran and clever players, but they are all turning out to be a disappointing bunch of idiots!

Bina said...

Girl, I was mad about no Survivor!!! If Boston Rob goes, I'll have to kick some major Survivor ass.

Hey, send me your email to so I can invite you to my blog.

Beth said...

I'm so glad you got a new camera..not that there was anything wrong with your old one!..but I love to see pix of your Baby girl. and I LOVE walking outside...the treadmill just doesn't do it for me....gotta be outside, ya know?

flea said...

shopgirl - you are very welcome! I love having new pps stop by as well. and diddo on the whole blogging thing, when I first started many moons ago it was all I could think of doing and I blogged all the not so much...but I try

wc - thanks for the heads up, I never would've known it was on tonight (wed)! and tonights episode was very, very good!!

bina - oooh I know, Boston Rob makes the show! I'll fire off an email to ya asap

beth - my previous camera still was working but just old and outdated & it ate bateries like a jenny craig reject so it was time to for me to just figure out the new one...