Friday, May 21, 2010


it's weird how when I do get a moment (usually when little one is asleep) I don't know quite what to do with myself. it is just go, go and go all day long. and according to one friend it just gets worse the bigger and busier they get. so i'm trying to enjoy the moment of her not crawling although i'm sure I will just blink and off she'll go

I also take back all the harsh words and criticism I used to give to stay at home mothers, this by far is the hardest thing I have ever done. at the end of the day you sit and try to think where the hell the day went? you're exhausted, hair not combed (yet again), no makeup, same clothes pretty much as the day before (clean underwear, check), and somehow you manage to shrug it off, smile crawl in bed and get up and do it all again


after day

after day

I don't know what the hell I did before. god when I think back, I think wow you were really, really lazy. but at the same time, oh what I would give just to lay in bed all day and curl up with a good book. those were the days

and may i just bring up for a moment, becuase i'm sure it will leave me just as fast if I don't but holy hell my breasts are HUGE. none of my previous shirts from before will ever fit me again, I swear. who would've ever thought my small little "B" cups would become such mammoths. and not only are they mammoths but they are starting to droop and sag. ugh. so grose. I miss my "B" cup.

i'm sure they weigh in at about 5 pounds

another 10 pounds sits around my middle, in the deflated tire that i'm sure I will have for the rest of my life. and yah I could probably lose it if I did sit ups or crunches but i'm too tired and can't seem to fit it in anywhere. I have been walking a lot though, not much good that does to lose the poundage but it is good to get out in the fresh air, the weather here has been pretty good the last few weeks

i'm excited and sad about the LOST finale on Sunday. i'm sure I will bawl my eyes out

missing survivor already too

baby girl will be 6 months old on Monday! 6 months, that's half a year gone already. jeebus. now that makes me want to cry.


Beth said...

time flies, right? next thing you know, she'll be graduating high school!!! :)

flea said...

beth- good lord, don't scare me like that! it does go too fast though...congrats to your son who just graduated too by the way! :)

Swishy said...

SIX MONTHS?!?! No way! Holy crap, I can't believe it's gone that fast!!!

What did you think of LOST?

flea said...

swishy - i know!! crazy scary. oh LOST, I loved every minute of the finale and think it was a fitting end. although many questions are still left un-answered. I cried through most of it and didn't really realize where it was going until Jack walked into the church then I was like it's for him and it all came together...what did you think?