Thursday, September 08, 2005

happy, happiness, happy time

i'm so happy today. for the first time in a long time i feel giddy and feel like smiling. not really sure why cause my life is no different than it was the day before but here i sit omitting happiness.

mabye it's because i had lunch with a friend who i haven't seen in months and she always makes me laugh.

mabye it's because the shit storm is moving on to someone else and leaving me behind and i can be happy and stress free (ha i wish!)

mabye it's because it's September and it's still 30 degrees outside (loves it!) but i'm sure it won't last

mabye it's because Aaron Walpole got kicked off of Canadian Idol (could not stand him and now that Casey's gone i couldn't care who wins)

mabye it's because the new season of the o.c starts tonight, so excited and cannot wait

or mabye it's just because it's about time that i can be happy. who knows but i'll enjoy it while it lasts and spread the happiness to eveyone!


Aila said...

hoping some of it comes my's nice isn't it ???

flea said...

aila - sending happy beams your way :)