Monday, September 26, 2005

cold, wet, damp ~ ucky monday

monday again. ugh!!! how i hate monday's.

not only is this monday crappy enough it's rainy, windy, damp and cold.

now that i mention it not only do i hate monday's but i hate fall. because you see fall leads to winter and that does not make me happy. another thing that does not make me happy is "hunting" season which has begun. everywhere you look (trust me you don't have to look hard in my area) you see men in trucks everywhere sporting the lovely fashionable hunter's orange hats and camoflauge jackets, pants and boots too! oh how fun!!

so the boys got there big old bull moose ~ how exciting!!!!!!! not. how bout how disgusting. poor little ole moosey, well okay he wasn't little but you get my drift. i just don't agree with the whole hunting thing i mean it's not like we have to hunt now-a-days to live/eat do we? were not in the olden days anymore so why slaughter an animal for it's antlers and what little meat you get off of it? "it's a sport" my hubby says. blah blah blah. i hate it. he loves it. something i'm going to have to get over and used to i'm afraid. still doesn't mean i have to like it though.

so i spent my weekend alone. doing nothing for once and ahhhh the peace and quiet. so nice to have a break for a change.

my mom's b-day was yesterday so we all got together for dinner & b-day cake. mmmmm chocolate cake. yum yum. it's also my cousin tommy's b-day today. so happy birthday to him!

well not much else new really have nothing funny or amuzing to write today it's just so BLAH. don't wanna be working today rather be home curled up in bed, ah well the things we do to earn a dollar.

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krazykaper said...

Hey I have a whole new definintion for "Man hunting". I say call it a sport.