Tuesday, September 13, 2005

true stuff

i just ran my hand over my leg and the leg hair is overwhelming. it's like a little forest, my own little private hairy forest

i cannot stop biting my nails. i bite until they bleed. this is an issue.

i'm a compulsive liar

i'm not a true blonde anymore i'm more of a dark blonde with wanna be blonde highlights. i miss my true blonde days :(

i also miss when i could go into a store and put anything on and having it fit. this was back in the good ol days of being a teen/early 20's when i weighed 115-120 pounds, mind you i looked anorexic with my little twig arms but oh how i miss those days when i could eat whatever i wanted and not gain a pound. so not the case nowadays i eat a french fry and 5 pounds goes onto my ass.

i haven't eaten out yet this week & i worked out today at noon let's hope i keep this up and i'm hoping that by keeping track here will make me stay dedicated and focused. i'm on a mission to lose 15 pounds (mabye 20 but that's pushing it).

so i haven't eaten much today and i'm hungry like almost feel sick to my stomache hungry i can literally taste the bile in my throat. so wanna go home.

i'm a whiny baby and i always complain about something or other hurting. lately it's my right knee and my jaw. yeah i have tmj or tmd whatever the heck it is it will snap and crack and not quite lock but almost. required to get bite plate which costs $350, think i will wait until i get my health coverage thru work thank you. so i suffer in the meantime, so i complain a little, so i whine, so what

i've drank 3 591ml bottles of water today and i'm still thirsty as heck. must be uber dehydrated.

i've sworn off of pop, any kind of pop (again) got addicted to Diet Pepsi while in PEI months ago and need to let go, although with weight watchers it's only 1 point per pop but it's just not good for you & makes me so bloated. buh bye dp :(

i want to win the lotto but yet i don't buy tickets. this is another issue.

whose going to win Canadian Idol. who cares this season sucked ass compared to last year, although i would like to see the newfie win even though he can't sing all that great.

rock star inxs kick butt. love this show but can never stay up to watch it's on way to late but i tape it and watch the next day. all 4 that are left are good in there own rights but my fav's are Suzie and Mig. J.D. is up there too but i like the other two better. not really big on marty, not sure why, mabye it's the kurt cobain resemblance i dunno but he's my least fav although everyone else loves him and he'll probably be the one to join the band.

guess i should do something have an hour to kill

i'm out


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Aila said...

WHERE is this spam coming from ??? I'm getting it too !! Is there a way to stop it? I really liked reading your post about "truths" If you don't mind, I'm gonna do the same. I like it.

krazykaper said...

I think that all your whining and complaining is legit.

As we get older our body's (which use to love us in our teens) start to disagree with us.

Just like children...when they're younger they love you and no-ones better...then they hit the teens and you're shit...you know nothing.

I'm now at the point where our boobs now point downwards and to lift them..I need a crane.

It's true when they say that after 30 its all downhill...isn't it. Maybe A. can help answer this! :p I'm almost to the top of this hill and things are slowly disintergrating.

I've been getting silver hair now for the last couple of years...at first I was plucking them outta my head and now I'm considering going bald. Hate aging!

H. sorry for ranting in your space but just want you to know that you're not alone. We all need a bitchfest sometime.

Chow, C.

flea said...

aila - go ahead i like the idea too (obviousily)

K - take all the room u want, i've missed your rantings!! and glad to know i'm not alone :)