Monday, September 12, 2005

Budda Ba Ba Ba......i'm lovin it

in case some don't know this is the newest/latest mcdonald's jingle. you here it every where and everyone knows when you hit the budda ba ba ba, what tune it is and who it's for. i even have a little nephew who sings this tune. pure marketing genius. evil marketing genius. and in my case i'm hating it.

i'm swearing to myself or better yet trying to convince myself that mcdonald's is the devil. as of late i have fallen back into the routine of eating out there at least once or twice a week. i was doing so well to there for a little while and now look at me. sob. i cannot stop but i'm trying v. hard to stop. boycot is in place!!

note to self - faired well last week as i didn't eat there but was tempted oh yes indeedy was i ever, ever tempted.

not only is this bad for my waist line but it's bad for my wallett, you see there prices have gone up like everything else and for a combo deal (my fav is the quarter pounder) is now like $6.30+. crazy retarded.

~sigh~ i wonder if there is an addicton class for this??


Jilly said...

Yes there is.. Its called watching "Super Size Me"

Seriously, I haven't eaten there since,and you know what a fatty I am...

flea said...

yeah i haven't caught that yet. MUST watch and good lord you are not a fatty