Monday, September 19, 2005

have you ever...

have you ever been in a store (i.e. gas station or grocery store) where they have security cameras and you look at them and see a person and think to your self who is that fat ass only to realize that it's your own fat ass staring back at you. this really happend. really. ~ sob~

have you ever looked into the mirror and fully realized how old and chubby you are? in my mind's eye i still feel like 22 and think that i'm a size 8......ha ha ha only to have age and fat thighs mock me as i stare at myself naked in the mirror and then i fully realize that it's not going to get any better (just wait til i pop out a kid for godsakes!!!!)

have you ever had to sit through a really intense good movie only to have dumbass teeny boopers ruin it? case in point - attended late night movie saturday night v. excited to watch the exorcism of emily rose only to have the entire theatre and i mean the entire theatre filled with tweens & teens. now i was a teen once and i know that my friends and i were loud and all but at least we had respect for other's, this whole new breed of teens do not. after every possible scary scene some idiot kept making farting noises and they all would laugh and tee hee totally ruining the scene and vibe of the movie. like how rude!

have you ever looked at a teen queen and wanted to hurt her as she is so just like barbie it makes you want to vomit? perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect boy toy (he was a hottie too). BARF.

have you ever gone like 2 1/2 weeks without shaving your legs? yeah, i still haven't shaved i'm growing attached to the hair.

have you ever rubbed your nose only to experience excruciating pain? like what the heck is that! and owww. then suffer from a really bad nose bleed. weird.

have you ever been thrown into a job and nobody tells you what to do? this has happend to me twice with my last two jobs. not fun. espically with this one as there is so much going on and i know i could/should be doing something but i have nothing. so i just sit and try to look like i'm doing productive things.

have you ever worked in a building with security/hidden camera's? have to deal with this every day and try not to pick my nose or do anything embarssing as it will be on tape.

have you ever had a brain fart where you are either a) talking to someone and you get mid sentence and everything drowns out and you are in an empty void and fail to remember what you were talking about or b) you start walking somewhere's to do/get something and get halfway there and cannot remember what you were doing or where you were going.............

have you ever wanted to cry, laugh and scream at the same time. wanted to do this today, several times

have you ever wanted to continue blogging as you are extremely bored and ready to go home but run out of ideas?

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Aila said...

I have experienced ALL of those things.