Sunday, September 04, 2005

Rolling Stones summary

so i survived the big bad stones concert. it was pretty amazing and like anything in life it had it's ups and downs and here's my run down of yesterday's concert.

first up on my agenda was to get totally shit faced before 2pm which i did on the sad/unprepared end we left at 2:30 (thinking we had tons of time and that most of the crowd was ahead of us, ha ha who were we kidding!) we had to waste an hour of time waiting in line after line, after line.

line number 1 - good buddy of my hubby's dropped us of at the bus stop running in moncton to take us to the shuttle buses up mountain road. the line moved quite quickly and we only had to wait 30 min putting us at 3pm and Our Lady Peace (my fav band) plays at 3:50. Krystal and I begin to worry that we may not see them................

arrive at shuttle bus destination at the bottom of mountain road. line up is frickin un-believeable forming several figure eights. had to at least be 1000+ just in this spot leading us to

line number 2 - i dunno how long we were here did not time, don't really wanna know either. oh and did i forget to mention that i am shit faced and have been drinking all morning and i'm totally wasting a perfectly good high waiting in line!! ha ha plus i have to pee.

finally get onto shuttle bus let loose some hoops & hollers everyone is stoked. bus ride is mabye 10 min tops and we are dropped off at the starting point of Magic Mountin/magnetic hill. have to walk up hill for like 10-15 min just to get to gates of concert. did i forget to mention that it's hot and i'm out of shape. but that so did not matter as i am missing Our lady peace. not cool. Kris and i booter as fast as we can arriving at

line number 3 - checking bags/tickets. this line was actually not half as bad as what i thought it would be. they really didn't check for shit and i'm sure lots of pps snuck stuff in (unlike us who were not thinking of all these damn lines beginning to sober up, could have been drinking entire time which i'm sure was an hour and a half) anyways we can hear them singing and i want in there already but there is still more walking. and were walking and the pps holy mofo i cannot believe the mass of pps. unlike anything i have ever seen. then i see Raine on the big screen and nothing else matters. and then they are done playing and he's leaving and i haven't even seen them yet!!!! grrrr but hey at least i saw him but i must say we were off to a rough start. the boys of course had to get there beer which is in the beer gardens in a roped/fenced in area hence leading to

line number 4 - checking pps id's, this wasn't a long line but still it's a line. beginning to not like lines (trust me does not get much better)

arrive into beer garden area. no idea where to go just see pps everywhere. finally we figure out that you have to purchase tickets before you get the beer. this is where i'm going to complain. they should have had lines roped out for pps to wait in as there was mass confusion and two seperate lines forming into one big one. lot's of pushing and shoving and again not sure how much time wen't by but Maroon 5 starts playing and i can't see shit from where we are. by the time they get there tickets they are playing there last couple of songs and we are in the actual "beer" line which makes that line number 5.

just in case you forgot, i still have to pee! yeah, i haven't gone yet and everyone wants to wait until the beer is gone before we go to porty potty land so we don't get split up. you see the weird thing about holding your pee for so long is you forget you have to go after awhile. i mean it hurts and all but i so forgot.........anyways. we sit and drink. Maroon 5 is done and we are waiting for the Tragically Hip to come on. again not sure on time but they begin to play as we make our way to the bathroom finally, i've only had to go now for like 2 hrs............

which brings us to line up number 6. porty potty land. row upon row of porty potties and i must add they are beginning to smell like hell. thankfully the line again moved fairly quickly but man i so did not want to go in there yet i had to and omg it was the most disgusting thing ever. no toilet paper, pee everywhere, the stall that i am in is almost overflowing with pee as it's almost to the rim of the toilet seat. i so did not want to touch anything. found it v. hard to keep footing as the floor is all wet and i'm slipping and sliding and the smell is terrible and i'm trying so damn hard to pee but it just won't come out and then there is thumping and banging coming from the stall beside me and some women says something like "so are you horny" and that does it i'm giggling softly to myself and finally i have relief and thank god i can finally get out of there.

so we re-group and decide that we should make way for the stage in preparation of the stones because thus far we haven't seen shit concert wise only heard. so we get to watch most of the hips performance which is pretty good but the sound is a little off or something but it was awsome. so they wrap up and were at a pretty good angle to the stage but still along time away from dark. we had to wait at least an hour and a half before the stones came on. by this point we have been on our feet all damn day and my legs and feet (espically my right knee, something not right with it lately) is hurting like hell. so we sit and wait and wait and they are out doing sound and light checks and they are loading pps with back stage passes onto the 7 stories high stage and everyone is getting pumped and clapping and it's getting dark out and you know it's getting close.

and then there's a loud bang as fire works go off and lights come on and you here the beginning of Start me up and there's mick and the boys and the crowd is wild this is frickin un-real and amazing! the gigantic big screen and lights and sounds and holy frig can micky boy ever move. we stayed down there for quite a few songs until some pps started pushing and shoving and stuff and we thought it best to move back a little. now you know where outside and all but thre are 85,000 pps crammned into one field and just about every person smokes some sort of cigerette, joint, cigar whatever and i can only take so much smoke before it starts to make me sick and i am starting to get that feeling and i want to leave but i don't say anything as i know everyone else wants to stay. so we move back again and decide to mabye get some food and water. i am hopeful that the water will make me better. ha ha who am i kidding. so did not work. everything on me is now hurting quite severally at this point but mostly my legs and my head which is splitting right down the middle. mick and the boys are singing a bunch of songs i don't know and i begin to feel as though i am about to have a panic attack.

yup my wurst fear come true. i so knew this would happen and here i am and it's happening. great. hubby doesn't really understand (of course i didn't tell him at this point either but he knew soemthing was up i'm sure) and tells me to drink more water which i try to do. we move again up further up the hill and now we have an awsome view of the stage and lights and they start playing Paint it black which is my all time fav song of there's and i'm trying so hard not to give into the panic but i can still smell smoke (pot, cig's) all around me and that does it i am full blown into my panic attack. i'm hot and can't breathe and the tears are brimming in my eyes and i start to feel my arms slightly shaking and i just try to withdraw into myself but hubby finally really "looks" at me and he's like were leaving now grabs my hand and were off walking.

and walking and walking. did we walk this bloody far coming in geez. we finally see where they have all the buses lined up and the stream of pps is crazy! the concert is not even over and there is a river of people just walking and waiting in lines for the buses. we avoid line up number 7 as we just do not want to stand in another line and continue walking in hopes of getting a taxi in downtown moncton. so we walk and walk some more and my legs are numb with pain, my right knee has locked right up entirely and i'm sooooooo tired and just want to be in bed. we see cabs coming and going but have no real luck flagging them down so we finally catch the number of one of the cabs driving past and decide to call them up and tell them where we are at which is by the comfort inn in moncton. the first time we called two cabs went to pull into where we are waiting but the swarm of pps scares them off as they encircle the cab at once desperate to get a ride. by now we are all tired, achy, scared and anxious to get the fuck out of moncton but hope was beginning to dimish very rapidly. krystal calls the cab one more time says to pull into comfort inn driveway and the wait begins. another 10-20 min passes us by before the cab finally shows up thank god. it was like the lights of heaven opened up and we were alive and heading for larry's house and arrive by 11:30 which is preety darn good considering we could/would have been much much longer if things hadn't gone like they did.

so we get back and i'm exhausted as my panic attacks usually leave me drained, cold and with a severe headache. i go right to bed with a cold face cloth and i'm done, no more for me.

so that's my Stone's experience. we didn't buy any t-shirts or souviners (didn't even think of it), no pictures as we didn't buy one of the disposable ones they had for sale all i have is memories so it's a good thing that i didn't get drunk.

anyways, happy labour day weekend all :)


Aila said...

That has got to be the longest blog entry in blogger history. Tee hee!

I agree, porta potties are discusting.

flea said...

yeah, didn't really realize how long winded i could be ha ha ha