Tuesday, September 27, 2005

mumblings and grumblings

there are just some songs that need to be band from radio. want some examples?

here goes:

hey ya - outkast ~ man did i love this song when it first came out. shake it like a poloroid picture....then local stations picked it up like the end of summer and played it and played it. they still play at least twice a day and one of the radio host picked up this song except with different words in reference to hillbillies and it's sooooo annoying beyond words. hate it must go!!

old school love - divine brown ~ i never ever liked this song. hate it. yet they play it over and over. grates on my last nerves.

crazy in love - beyonce ~ they just love to ruin a good song don't they again overplayed waaaaaayyy to much. cannot stand it anymore.

crapbucket - k-os ~ now normally i enjoy k-os and i digged this song at first but again enough already, mabye i should be emailing our local radio station?? like they would listen.

have a nice day - bon jovi ~ first time i heard it i hate it. second time no better. they play this like 4 times a day. wrong on so many levels plus i don't like bon jovi (well he's hot but there song's suck).

matchbox twenty and or the lead singer, was his name?? hate them hate there songs. pls don't play them no more.

other forms of irritation today:

i was given the job to make up some flyers for work which i don't mind doing love it in fact but having to cut them up with the thing (you know from grade school that the teacher's use) where you line them up and cut them in half with the huge blade....? am i making sense? probably not oh well, anyways i hate these and i mean hate this piece of office equipment. every time i cut a piece of paper it's crooked even though i'm lining it up with the lines on my paper and the lines on the piece of crap. crooked. grrrr no wonder my eye is twitching. plus to make matters worse this machine has haunted me from my first admin job as my old boss was such a precise/picky ass and lectured me several times on how to keep it straight, blah blah blah. it's a piece of paper who cares????!!!!!! so now every time i use this stupid thing (what's the proper name anyone??) i think of that bastard. and again anger rises within me and my eye twitch's.

i have no wardrobe and desperatly need to go shopping for pants espically since my waistline is not going to be diminishing anytime soon. not only is that an issue but i have no hip/trendy clothes. they are all just blah or old looking as i have had them for like 5 years. must go shopping will hopefully go this sat if i can get someone to go with. only problem is i will have to use credit card as i'm poor and this only makes me more depressed. sigh. it never ends. but i have to have new clothes, i must!

can you believe it's the end of september already? where the heck did the summer and time go? i'm having a major issue adjusting to the new weather and waking up in the dark in the mornings is not fun. so cannot get my ass out of bed in the mornings.........

praying that my old piece of crap car will get me through the winter. hey better yet pray for me i'm sure it's a death trap. it rattles and shakes and vibrates and goes it. i'm sure something will brake in the next month or two it's been awhile since something has happend.


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Aila said...

I agree on every single one of those songs...if you really are going to write to the radio station, can you ask them to pulease NOT play "Over and Over" by Nelly. They play it OVER AND OVER... It's repetitive and irritating like a bad commercial that gets stuck in your head.

flea said...

LOL i forgot about that song. i hate it too!!! to funny. i'm half considering writing them now that you mention it as well!

krazykaper said...

Lets all protest against repetative song playing on the radio.